Best Running Shoes for Heavy Men in 2024

Best Running Shoes for Heavy Men

There is a wide variety of physique types among runners. In terms of weight and look, elite runners make up a very small portion of the running community. This guide is meant for people who don’t fit into the typical description of a runner; in this context, heavy runners are defined as those who weigh more than 85 kg/185 lbs for men and 75 kg/160 lbs for women. It’s worth noting that weight alone doesn’t necessarily denote fitness; a man weighing 85kg may possess impressive physical condition and stature. However, when considering running shoes, weight plays a significant role. During running, your joints endure forces ranging from 3 to 5 times of your body weight with each step. Consequently, maintaining proper form and selecting appropriate running shoes are important for all runners, with particular emphasis for those carrying additional weight.

Recognizing Heavy Men’s Needs

Men who are heavier than average have different needs when it comes to running shoe selection. For heavyset runners, finding shoes with the right balance of support, stability, and cushioning is essential in order to fit their larger frame and lessen the pressure on their joints and feet.


Heavy men require shoes with strong support features to help distribute their weight evenly and maintain proper alignment throughout their stride. This is crucial for preventing overpronation or supination, common issues among heavier runners. Adequate support helps reduce the risk of injuries such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and stress fractures, allowing heavy men to run comfortably and confidently.


Stability is another essential factor for heavy men, as excess weight can put additional strain on their ankles and knees. Running shoes with enhanced stability features help minimize excessive movement and provide a solid foundation for heavyset individuals to maintain balance and control while running. A stable shoe not only reduces the risk of ankle sprains and falls but also promotes efficient running mechanics, leading to improved performance and reduced fatigue.


Cushioning is definitely the most important factor for heavier men, as it directly impacts shock absorption and comfort during running. With each step, heavyset individuals generate greater impact forces that can lead to discomfort and fatigue without adequate cushioning. Therefore, running shoes with ample cushioning in the midsole and heel area are essential for absorbing shock and protecting the joints from excessive stress. Superior cushioning not only enhances comfort but also helps prevent injuries such as knee pain, heel spurs, and stress fractures, allowing heavy men to run longer and with less strain on their bodies.


Hence, support, stability, and cushioning are paramount when selecting running shoes for heavy men. By prioritizing these key features, heavyset individuals can ensure a comfortable and injury-free running experience, enabling them to pursue their fitness goals with confidence and enjoyment.

Top 7 Picks of Running Shoes for Heavy Men

Here are our top picks of running shoes for heavy men.

1- Best Overall Running Shoes for Heavy Men

Brooks Glycerin 20

Best Overall Running Shoes for Heavy Men - Brooks Glycerin 20

The Brooks Glycerin 20 stands out as a top choice for heavy men in the realm of trail running shoes. Boasting DNA LOFT v3 cushioning, this shoe offers unparalleled comfort, allowing runners to focus solely on their performance without distractions. What sets the Glycerin 20 apart is its commitment to sustainability, with approximately 32.4% of the upper crafted from recycled materials, including 4.66 plastic bottles diverted from landfills. This eco-friendly approach adds an extra layer of appeal for conscientious consumers seeking both quality and environmental responsibility in their footwear choices.


Fit and comfort are paramount for heavy men, and the Glycerin 20 delivers on both fronts. Its plush and breathable engineered air mesh upper ensures a secure fit, cradling the foot comfortably throughout each stride. Whether navigating rugged trails or pounding pavement, this shoe offers the support and stability needed for heavy runners to tackle any terrain with confidence. Despite its 10.1-ounce weight, users rave about its neutral support and maximum cushioning, making it an ideal companion for both short sprints and long-distance treks. In summary, the Brooks Glycerin 20 epitomizes the perfect blend of performance, sustainability, and comfort, making it a standout choice for heavy men in search of the ultimate trail running shoe.





Max cushion

Responsive ride



Teeth untie easily

Higher heel drop than stated

2- Best Daily Trainer for Heavy Men

Saucony Ride 16

Best daily trainer for heavy men - Saucony Ride 16

The Saucony Ride 16 emerges as a standout option among trail running shoes tailored for heavy men. With its versatile design and reliable performance, this shoe offers a winning combination of comfort and functionality. Boasting PWRRUN+ cushioning, the Ride 16 delivers a moderately soft ride, making it ideal for logging easy miles on varied terrain. Its rockered and smooth feel enhances the overall running experience, ensuring a comfortable stride from start to finish.


Fit and comfort are key considerations for heavy men, and the Ride 16 excels in both departments. Featuring a normal-width fit and a secure upper, this shoe provides a snug and comfortable lockdown, while its robust platform delivers stability and support during runs. Whether hitting the trails or tackling everyday activities, the Ride 16 proves its versatility, offering a reliable companion for road running and casual wear alike. Users praise its lightweight feel and affordability, making it a budget-friendly yet high-performing option for daily training needs. In summary, the Saucony Ride 16 is a dependable workhorse that delivers on comfort, performance, and value, making it a top choice for heavy men seeking a reliable daily trainer.




Responsive and cushioned midsole

Great stability

Secure and comfortable lockdown

Grippy and durable outsole


Required break-in period

3- Best Comfort and Support for Heavy Men

Asics Nimbus 25

Best comfort and support for heavy men - Asics Nimbus 25

The ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 25 emerges as a top contender for heavy men seeking unparalleled comfort and support in their trail running shoes. With its neutral cushioned design, this shoe prioritizes comfort and durability, making it an excellent choice for both long-distance runs and daily training sessions for heavy men. Featuring an updated knit tongue and collar construction, the GEL-NIMBUS 25 offers enhanced flexibility and comfort, ensuring a snug yet breathable fit that wraps the foot with softness. Its engineered knit upper provides advanced ventilation, keeping the foot cool and comfortable even during intense workouts.


Moreover, the GEL-NIMBUS 25 introduces several enhancements over its predecessor, including full-length FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO technology and rearfoot PureGEL™ technology. These innovations enhance cushioning and impact protection, allowing heavy men to tackle rugged trails with confidence and ease. While the GEL-NIMBUS 25 is not specifically designed for runners with flat feet, it caters to neutral runners who appreciate the combination of cushioning and comfort. In summary, the ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 25 sets the standard for comfort and support in trail running shoes, making it an ideal choice for heavy men in search of a reliable and performance-driven footwear option.


Enhanced comfort

Superior support

Stable underfoot.

Excellent at consuming miles

Richly cushioned and incredibly cozy

ECO friendly design


Not ideal for flat feet

Lacks breathability

4- Best Max-Cushioning for Heavy Men

Mizuno Wave Sky 7

Mizuno Wave Sky 7

The Mizuno Wave Sky 7 stands out as the ultimate choice for heavy men seeking maximum cushioning and comfort in their trail running shoes. Boasting the innovative MIZUNO ENERZY CORE technology, this shoe delivers exceptional energy return with each stride, ensuring a responsive and dynamic running experience. With an additional two millimeters of plush cushioning, the Wave Sky 7 offers a supportive platform that keeps heavy runners comfortable and protected, even during long runs on rugged terrain.


Designed for ultimate comfort, the Wave Sky 7 features a smooth stretch woven upper made from recycled materials. This upper not only provides a snug fit but also ensures breathability and flexibility, allowing the foot to move naturally while remaining securely in place. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, the Wave Sky 7 promises a feeling of floating while running, thanks to its MIZUNO WAVE technology that offers excellent stability and support. Available in various sizes and vibrant colors, the Wave Sky 7 caters to the diverse needs and preferences of heavy men, making it a top choice for those prioritizing comfort and performance in their trail running shoes.


Maximum cushioning

Excellent outsole quality

Breathable upper

Exceptional stability

Ideal for heel strikers


Insufficient energy return

Clumsy at high speeds

5- Best Trail Running Shoes for Heavy Men

Hoka Stinson 7

Trail Running Shoes for Heavy Men - Hoka Stinson 7

The HOKA Stinson 7 emerges as a top competitor among trail running shoes tailored for heavy men, offering a versatile and comfortable option for both road and trail runners. With its maximum cushioning and stability features, the Stinson 7 provides a plush ride, ensuring comfort and support on varied surfaces. Boasting a heel stack of 40mm and a 35mm forefoot, this shoe delivers enhanced protection and stability, making it suitable for navigating diverse terrains such as roads, grass, gravel, and singletrack dirt.


Key features of the Stinson 7 include a durable toe cap for toe protection, engineered jacquard mesh for breathable comfort, and H-Frame™ technology for stabilizing your stride on uneven terrain. The shoe’s deep active foot frame™, enhanced with wrap-around side walls, offers versatile traction on limitless terrain, while multi-directional lugs ensure grip and stability. Additionally, the Stinson 7 is made with recycled materials and is suitable for vegans, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. In summary, with its stability, cushioning, and comfort, the HOKA Stinson 7 is an excellent choice for heavy men seeking a reliable and high-performing trail running shoe for their next adventure.


Maximum cushioning

Versatile terrain use

Responsive midsole

Great lockdown

Well-padded and comfortable

Good breathability

All weather shoes 



Bit narrow

6- Best Comfortable Running Shoes for Heavy Men

Nike Vomero 17

Best Comfortable Running Shoes for Heavy Men - Nike Vomero 17

The Nike Vomero 17 emerges as a top choice for heavy men seeking unparalleled comfort and performance in their trail running shoes. Designed for easy and daily mileage, the Vomero 17 offers a springy and soft ride that energizes every mile, thanks to its stacked foam and premium responsiveness. Despite being lighter than its predecessor, this shoe maintains extreme durability in its outsole, ensuring long-lasting performance on rugged terrain.


Featuring a brand-new upper design with a lower volume front and a normal volume rear, the Vomero 17 provides a secure and cushioned fit that enhances comfort during runs. The ZoomX layer adds bounciness to the consistent feeling Cushlon, making it ideal for easy mileage and long-distance runs. While it may feel warm due to the inner sleeve, the Vomero 17 stands out as the premium daily trainer in the Nike performance lineup, offering a versatile option for both slow and fast-paced runs. In summary, with its cushioned, stable ride and improved durability, the Nike Vomero 17 promises a comfortable and enjoyable running experience for heavy men on any trail.


Comfortable cushioning

Responsive ride

Outstanding durability

Top-notch material use

Great lockdown


May feel warm due to inner sleeve

Limited wet traction

7- Best Stability Running Shoes for Heavy Men

ASICS Gel Kayano 30

Best Stability Running Shoes for Heavy Men - ASICS Gel Kayano 30

The ASICS Gel Kayano 30 emerges as a top-tier stability trainer, boasting significant improvements in its 30th edition. With features like the 4D Guidance System and adaptive stability, this shoe offers a stable ride while effortlessly adapting to your foot’s movement. Its plush cushioning ensures comfort mile after mile, making it an ideal choice for heavy men embarking on long-distance runs. The wider base provides a softer sensation underfoot, enhancing the overall running experience.


In terms of specifications, the Gel Kayano 30 weighs approximately 10.7 oz (303 g) and boasts a heel stack height of 40 mm and a toe stack height of 30 mm, with a 10 mm heel drop. The stylish white/ocean haze colorway adds an eye-catching touch to its design, making it a fashionable choice for runners. Whether you’re a long-distance runner, eco-conscious individual, or simply seeking stability in your runs, the Gel Kayano 30 caters to a diverse range of needs. In summary, with its blend of stability, comfort, and style, the ASICS Gel Kayano 30 is the perfect companion for heavy men looking to conquer their runs with confidence and ease.


Stable ride

Plush cushioning

Excellent breathability

Increased durability and comfort

Ideal for long runs


Slightly heavy


This guide is tailored for runners who don’t fit the conventional mold, particularly heavyset individuals whose unique needs demand careful consideration in selecting the right running shoes. Weight, while not synonymous with fitness, significantly impacts the stress endured by joints during running. For heavier runners, finding the perfect balance of support, stability, and cushioning is paramount to alleviate pressure on joints and enhance comfort.


Support features in running shoes are crucial for heavy men, aiding in weight distribution and maintaining proper alignment to prevent common injuries like overpronation and plantar fasciitis. Stability is equally vital, minimizing excessive movement and providing a solid foundation for heavyset runners to maintain balance and efficient running mechanics. However, cushioning emerges as the linchpin for heavier men, directly influencing shock absorption and comfort, thereby mitigating the risk of injuries and allowing for longer, less strenuous runs. By prioritizing these factors, heavy men can enjoy a safer, more enjoyable running experience.


Remember, the right shoe can make all the difference in your running journey, so take the time to find the perfect fit. Your feet and body will thank you for it.

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