Best Running Shoes for Bunions

Best Running Shoes for Bunions

Bunions are like little bumps on the joint near your big toe. They can show up because of family history, wearing shoes that don’t fit well, or putting too much pressure on your feet over and over again. When you’re into running, these bumps can bug you. They bring pain, swelling, and stiffness, especially when hitting the track or trail.


For folks who love to run, dealing with bunions can mess with how well you perform and how comfy you feel. These bumpy bits can change how your feet move and even make other foot problems more likely. So, picking the right running shoes when you’ve got bunions is a big deal. The perfect pair can ease the pressure on your bunions, give your feet some soft support, and keep them in the right position as you jog along.


In this blog post, we’ll discuss what to look for in running shoes made for bunions. We’ll break down how each feature helps make your feet feel better and keeps them supported. Plus, we’ll suggest top-notch running shoes that work great for folks with bunions. We’ll talk about what makes each pair special and how they can make your runs smoother and less painful. And hey, we’ll share some handy tips for picking out the perfect pair and taking care of them so they last longer.

What Are Bunions? Signs, Causes, & Treatments

Definition and Causes of Bunions

Bunions are these little bony bumps that pop up around the base of your big toe. They happen when the joint there gets all wonky, and your toe starts pointing out instead of straight ahead. A mix of family traits and outside stuff, like squeezing into too-tight shoes, strutting in high heels, or doing things that stress out your feet, can lead to bunions. Over time, this can make the bone and soft stuff around the joint get all swollen and sore, forming a bunion.


How Bunions Affect Running Mechanics

Bunions can really throw off how you run because they mess with the shape of your foot. When you’re out pounding the pavement, your foot’s doing all sorts of fancy moves to keep you moving forward. But with a bunion in the mix, things get wonky. It can hurt, feel weird, and even make you wobble a bit. People with bunions might change how they run or where they put their feet to ease the ache, but that can mess with how your muscles work and put extra stress on other parts of your foot and leg.


Common Symptoms Experienced by Runners with Bunions

Folks who love to run and have bunions might notice a few things that make hitting the track or trail less fun:

  • Pain or tenderness at the base of the big toe or along the side of the foot, especially during or after running.
  • Swelling and inflammation around the bunion area can worsen with activity.
  • Difficulty finding comfortable footwear that accommodates the bunion without causing additional pressure or discomfort.
  • Changes in running gait or mechanics, such as favouring one side of the foot or altering stride length, minimize pain and irritation.
  • Increased risk of developing secondary issues such as blisters, calluses, or corns due to friction and pressure on the affected area.

Understanding these symptoms and their impact on running mechanics is crucial for runners with bunions to effectively manage the condition and make informed choices when selecting running shoes and gear.

Top Picks for Running Shoes for Bunions

Here are some of the best running shoes specifically designed to accommodate bunions:

1. Best Overall Running Shoe for Bunions

Asics Gel-Kayano 29

Best Overall Running Shoe for Bunions - Asics Gel-Kayano 29

For anyone looking for running shoes that hit the sweet spot between comfort and support, the Asics Gel-Kayano 29 is a game-changer, especially for those battling the discomfort of bunions. Tailor-made for runners who tend to overpronate, this shoe shines on both medium and long runs, offering a perfect harmony of solid stability and cloud-like cushioning.


What really sets the Gel-Kayano 29 apart is its cutting-edge FF BLAST™ PLUS technology, making every run feel responsive and downright enjoyable. The shoe’s midsole boasts LITETRUSS Construction, enhancing not just the stability but also the propulsion of your stride, ensuring every toe-off is as smooth as it gets.


Style-wise, the Gel-Kayano 29 doesn’t disappoint either. It sports a sleek design with engineered Stretch-knit material and synthetic overlays for a shoe that breathes well and feels light on your feet. Whether you’re a man or woman, you’ll find a colour that suits your taste while enjoying the shoe’s stellar performance. Given its slew of advanced features and glowing expert reviews praising its stability and sumptuous cushioning, the Asics Gel-Kayano 29 confidently claims its spot as a top pick for runners with bunions in search of unmatched comfort and support.


Exceptional cushioning

Durable construction


Supportive fit

Glides you forward



Less breathability


2. Best for Cushioning and Stability

HOKA Arahi 6

Best for Cushioning and Stability - HOKA Arahi 6

If you’re on the hunt for a running shoe that nails the perfect balance between soft cushioning and reliable stability, the HOKA Arahi 6 is your match. Tailored for runners who need support and comfort, the Arahi 6 shines, offering a ride that’s both comfy and steady.


Thanks to HOKA’s clever J-Frame™ technology, the Arahi 6 tackles overpronation like a champ. Overpronation is when your foot rolls inward too much as you run, but this shoe gently steers your foot back into a neutral stance. This means you get better stability and a lower chance of injuries on your runs.


But don’t think for a second that focusing on stability means skimping on comfort. The Arahi 6 packs a cozy punch with its plush foam midsole and a heel-to-toe drop of 5.00 mm, making every run feel responsive yet cushioned. Perfect for those long hauls or regular training days. Plus, the shoe’s upper has been updated with recycled materials, lightening its environmental footprint without sacrificing comfort.


Tipping the scales at about 9.30 ounces, the Arahi 6 is a masterclass in balancing stability without the heft, ensuring your runs are smooth and enjoyable. And with a slew of vibrant colours and widths, it caters to every runner’s taste and needs. So, for those searching for a shoe that offers stability and cushioning, the Arahi 6 is a standout choice that won’t disappoint.


Stable platform

Lightweight design


Extreme cushioning

Fits true to size


Grip is not reliable

May feel bulky 

3. Best Overall Daily Trainer

Brooks Glycerin 20

Best Overall Daily Trainer - Brooks Glycerin 20

Finding the right shoe is crucial for those who love running but struggle with the discomfort of bunions. That’s where the Brooks Glycerin 20 steps in, a game-changer in the world of running footwear. It’s the ideal pick for anyone who needs a shoe that brings both comfort and top-notch performance. This shoe has quickly become the favourite for runners looking for extra support and comfort during their runs.


The magic of the Brooks Glycerin 20 lies in its DNA LOFT v3 cushioning. This latest innovation from Brooks provides a super soft yet incredibly responsive feel underfoot, ensuring every step is a joy. It’s like your foot is gently cradled with every stride without losing that bounce that keeps you moving forward. Plus, the shoe is designed to be durable, so you don’t have to sacrifice longevity for comfort. Its breathable upper is a dream for anyone with bunions, offering a fit that’s both roomy and snug, ensuring your feet stay stable without feeling squished, even when they swell.


But that’s not all. The Glycerin 20 also features an outsole designed for a silky-smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off, enhancing your natural running gait. This shoe strikes the perfect balance between softness, flexibility, and breathability, making it an excellent choice for runners dealing with bunions. Whether you’re embarking on a marathon or just going for a casual jog, the Brooks Glycerin 20 has your back, promising a running experience that keeps you moving comfortably towards your goals.


Plush cushioning

Responsive ride


Versatile neutral support

Comfortable fit



Heel drop higher than advertised

4. Best Trail Shoes for Bunions

Altra Lone Peak 7

Best Trail Shoes for Bunions - Altra Lone Peak 7

Heading off the beaten path with bunions can seem daunting, but the Altra Lone Peak 7 is here to change that. This shoe is a powerhouse, designed for the wild at heart and the bunion-burdened, becoming a fast favourite for anyone ready to tackle the trails. It’s a standout choice for its durability, comfort, and design that keeps feet happy, mile after mile.


The standout feature of the Altra Lone Peak 7? It’s FootShape™ toe box. It’s a game-changer, giving your toes the room to move freely, significantly easing bunion discomfort. This, along with Altra’s Balanced Cushioning™ platform, means each step is cushioned, aligned, and as natural as possible, making those long runs feel less daunting. Plus, the shoe’s breathable mesh and grippy MaxTrac™ outsole ensure your feet stay cool and stable, no matter how rugged the path.


For those ready to conquer mountains or meander through challenging trails, the Altra Lone Peak 7 is your trusty companion. It reflects Altra’s dedication to making running enjoyable for everyone, bunions included. With this shoe, every outdoor adventure is within reach, offering the support, comfort, and confidence you need to go further and explore more.


Protective midsole

Super grippy outsole

Excellent for fast runs

Great lockdown



Limited colour options available

A bit Expensive

5. Best for Long Distance Running

Hoka Clifton 9

Best for Long Distance Running - Hoka Clifton 9

Long-distance running with bunions isn’t easy, but finding the right shoe can make all the difference. Enter the Hoka Clifton 9, a shoe that’s been a game-changer for runners who need both comfort and endurance. It’s designed to keep you running longer, feeling better, and performing at your best, no matter how many miles you tackle.


The secret to the Clifton 9’s success is its incredible cushioning. Thanks to Hoka’s special EVA midsole, you get a ride that’s both comfy and responsive. It’s like running on clouds, but with the energy return, you need to keep pushing forward. The shoe’s smart design, including a heel that’s shaped just right, makes every step smoother and less jarring. Plus, if you’ve got bunions or just wider feet, the breathable mesh upper stretches and adapts to your foot shape, ensuring you’re comfortable from start to finish.


What makes the Clifton 9 stand out is how it perfectly balances being lightweight with offering solid support. This means you can go the distance without feeling weighed down or worn out. Ideal for marathoners and ultra-runners, the Clifton 9 shows that you don’t have to compromise on speed to stay comfy. This shoe supports every long-distance run, making those endless miles feel easier.


Plush cushioning for maximum comfort

Good traction on roads and mild trails

Meta-Rocker geometry promotes a smooth ride

Lightweight construction

Energetic midsole cushioning

Durable upper


Average breathability

Narrow fit

6. Best Comfortable Running Shoes for Bunions

New Balance FuelCell Propel v4

Best Running Shoes for Bunions - New Balance FuelCell Propel v4

For runners dealing with bunions, finding the perfect mix of comfort and performance in a shoe can seem like a dream. Enter the New Balance FuelCell Propel v4, a game-changer in running footwear. This latest addition to the FuelCell lineup brings innovative design and materials, offering a running experience tailored for those who need extra pampering for their feet. It’s not just a shoe; it’s a leap forward in making comfortable running shoes that don’t skimp on performance.


The heart of the FuelCell Propel v4’s charm is its FuelCell foam, a standout cushioning technology from New Balance that energizes each step while keeping comfort at the forefront. When paired with a dynamic upper that flexes and supports just right, this shoe becomes a haven for runners with bunions. The breathable mesh shapes your foot, easing pressure spots and enabling a smooth, pain-free run. Its clever design boosts airflow, ensuring your feet stay cool and comfy, mile after mile.


The New Balance FuelCell Propel v4 is more than just footwear; it’s a tribute to how smart design can cater to specific needs. Offering a sublime mix of plush cushioning, lively bounce, and a fit that feels just right, it stands out as the ideal choice for those valuing comfort without compromising performance goals. Whether you’re stepping out for a quick run or gearing up for a marathon, the FuelCell Propel v4 supports you at every step, making it the ultimate pick for runners with bunions in search of comfort and zest in their stride.


Responsive cushioning

High-quality upper material

Breathable mesh upper

Durable rubber outsole

Ultra-cushioned FuelCell midsole



Not suitable for heel strikers

7. Best Value Running Shoes for Bunions

Saucony Guide 16

Running Shoes for Bunions - Saucony Guide 16

Searching for the perfect running shoes that meet the unique needs of those with bunions without emptying your wallet? Look no further than the Saucony Guide 16, a standout for its unbeatable mix of affordability, comfort, and support. This shoe is a win-win, offering top-notch features without the steep price, making it a top pick for budget-conscious runners who don’t want to compromise on quality or comfort. Saucony maintains its reputation for dependable performance, ensuring you don’t have to settle for less.


The magic of the Guide 16 lies in its design, which gives runners the extra space they need in the toe box, along with supportive elements that make bunions less of a bother. Thanks to FORMFIT technology, it feels like this shoe was made just for you, offering a snug yet spacious fit that moves with you. Add to that the PWRRUN cushioning, which strikes the perfect balance between softness and bounce-back energy, and you’ve got a comfortable shoe for any distance.


What really sets the Saucony Guide 16 apart is its value. Saucony clearly understands that runners want a shoe that’s kind to their feet and wallets. With the Guide 16, you get the stability, comfort, and long-lasting wear you need for bunions, all in a package that keeps your budget in check. Whether you’re hitting the pavement for a long run or powering through a workout, the Guide 16 supports you every step, proving that great running experiences don’t have to cost a fortune.


Comfortable cushioning

Excellent lockdown


Roomy toe box


Affordable price


Firm cushioning

Lacks durability 

Key Features to Look for in Running Shoes for Bunions

Roomy Toe Box

When picking out running shoes for bunions, make sure they have plenty of space in the toe box. Look for shoes with a wide, roomy front that lets your toes spread naturally without squishing against your bunion. Having enough space here lets your bunion chill out comfortably and lowers the chance of it getting rubbed or bothered while you’re out for a run.


Cushioning and Support

Go for running shoes with good padding and support to soak up the shock and keep you steady. Padding helps cushion your feet and joints from the impact of running, while things like arch support and heel cups help keep your feet in the right position and ease the pressure on your bunion. Check for shoes with cushioned middles and sturdy heel cups to boost comfort and lower the risk of making your bunion unhappy during your run.


Stability Features

Staying stable is super important for runners with bunions to keep their feet aligned properly and stop them from rolling too much in or out. Look for running shoes with stability features like little posts on the inside or firmer middles that help control how your foot moves. These extras give your feet more support and stop your bunion from overloading, meaning less discomfort while running.


Flexibility in the Forefoot

Even though stability matters, it’s also good for your running shoes to be flexible up front. Find shoes with a bendy front part that lets your feet move naturally and push off smoothly when you’re running. A flexible front eases up the pressure on your bunion and helps you run more comfortably and efficiently. Avoid shoes with stiff fronts that can hurt your bunion and stop your foot from moving freely.


Breathability and Materials

Think about how breathable and comfy the materials are in your running shoes, especially if you’ve got bunions. Choose shoes made from breezy materials like mesh or knit uppers that let air flow through and keep your feet cool and dry while running. Also, go for shoes with soft and flexible materials that mould to your foot’s shape and cut down on rubbing against your bunion, which means less chance of irritation and discomfort.


By focusing on these key things when you’re picking out running shoes, you can find pairs that give you the best mix of comfort, support, and performance while keeping your bunion happy.


In the world of running, where every step and distance matter, picking the right shoes is crucial—not just for your performance but also for your comfort and health. If you’re someone dealing with bunions, finding that perfect pair of running shoes might feel a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry, there’s good news. As we’ve seen, a whole variety of shoes are made just for you. From the soft, responsive feel of the Asics Gel-Kayano 29 to the rugged, trail-ready Altra Lone Peak 7, each pair is a game-changer for runners with bunions.


Having bunions doesn’t mean you have to sit out on your running dreams. The right shoes, chosen for their fit, support, and comfort, can make all the difference. It’s all about knowing what your feet need and finding the shoes that match. This way, what seemed like a hurdle becomes a mark of your determination and love for running.


So, as we tie our laces and hit the road (or trail) again, remember that the shoes you wear are more than just gear. They’re your support system, defence against pain, and boost to go further. For all the runners with bunions out there, don’t lose heart. Your ideal running shoe is waiting for you, ready to be part of every journey, every climb, and every victory that awaits. Here’s to moving forward together towards our biggest achievements.

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