13 Best Running Shoes for Women

Best Running Shoes for Women

Are you hunting for the perfect running shoes to boost your fitness game? Look no further! This comprehensive guide is tailor-made for all the amazing women eager to find their ideal running companions. Whether a newbie runner or a seasoned pro, having the right shoes can make all the difference.


In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the best running shoes for women based on expert reviews, customer feedback, and other key factors. Keep reading to find your perfect fit!


Get ready to lace up and conquer the tracks confidently as we dive into the world of the best running shoes designed specifically with women in mind. Let’s find the perfect fit to keep you moving mile after mile, comfortably and stylishly.

Best Overall Women’s Running Shoe

Asics Gel-Nimbus 25

Best Running Shoes for women

When it comes to running shoes that are a perfect match for women, the Asics Gel-Nimbus 25 stands out effortlessly. The Gel-Nimbus 25 has many features, making it an excellent shoe for daily training and long-distance running. These shoes are bulky but soft, springy, and surprisingly light. The cushioning is top-notch, making those long runs a breeze. A new midsole foam, FF Blast+ Eco, is made from recycled materials and provides soft and bouncy cushioning.


Nimbus 25 has mild rocker geometry that helps with smoother transitions and stability. It also has a redesigned outsole that improves durability and traction—a snug and cozy upper with a lot of padding and a performance-style fit. Overall, the Asics Gel-Nimbus 25 is a good option for women looking for a well-cushioned and stable shoe that can handle long and easy runs.


Surprisingly stable

Provides reliable support

Feels light on feet

Durable construction

Sustainable materials

Looks great as a casual shoe


Slightly heavy


Best Cushioned Trainer for Women

Hoka Clifton 9

Best Cushioned trainer for women

The Hoka Clifton 9 is a popular running shoe for women who want a light and plush ride. The latest version of the Clifton series has been praised for its cushioning and comfort. The engineered mesh upper ensures breathability and a snug fit, wrapping around your foot comfortably.


The Clifton 9 has a compression-molded EVA foam midsole, providing lightweight cushioning and a smooth transition. It also has an early-stage Meta-Rocker, a curved design that helps propel the foot forward. The Clifton 9 is lighter and more cushioned than the Clifton 8, weighing 8.7 oz (247 g) and having a 5 mm heel drop. The well-cushioned midsole absorbs impact effectively, providing a smooth ride on both roads and trails.


Hoka Clifton 9 is a reliable, everyday running shoe that can handle easy miles and long distances. It has a high level of stability and a moderate amount of energy return. If you prioritize cushioned comfort without compromising performance, the Clifton 9 deserves a spot on your list of must-have running shoes.


Exceptionally lightweight

Eenergetic midsole cushioning

Wide toe box

Durable construction

Good traction on roads and mild trails

Durable upper


Narrow fit

Average breathability

Best for Long Distance Runs

Brooks Glycerin 20

The Brooks Glycerin 20 boasts a sleek design for the female foot. Its snug yet flexible fit ensures maximum comfort throughout your run. The plush cushioning feels like a cloud under your feet, absorbing impact and reducing strain on your joints, which is essential for long-distance runs. The breathable upper adapts seamlessly to foot movements while providing critical support.


Its durable and flexible outsole also delivers excellent traction, even on wet surfaces. With a 10 mm heel drop, these shoes ensure a smooth heel-to-toe transition, catering to most runners’ needs. The medium fit and tapered toe box accommodate various foot shapes and widths.


The Glycerin 20 is the ideal training partner for individuals starting a half marathon. Because it combines comfort, toughness, and customizability possibilities, runners may depend on it during their demanding training schedule.


Responsive ride

Comfortable fit

Plush cushion

Breathable for hot days



Blocky ride

Best Women’s Running Shoe for Speed Training

Saucony Endorphin Speed 3

Best for Speed Training - Saucony Endorphin Speed 3

The Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 is an ideal running shoe meticulously crafted for speed training and racing. Engineered with a nylon plate, this shoe boasts a remarkably springy and responsive sensation, complemented by its lightweight foam that ensures supreme cushioning and comfort.


The shoe’s standout features encompass its exhilarating swiftness, empowered by a dynamic plate that propels runners forward and buoyant foam capable of absorbing impactful shocks. Moreover, its comfort and breathability are ensured by a two-layer mesh upper that adapts to foot shape and movement. Emphasizing stability and durability, the wider base enhances balance, while the rubber outsole offers exceptional traction.


The Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 is an exceptional choice for runners in search of a swift, versatile shoe adept at training and racing. It caters to those desiring a vibrant and responsive experience without overwhelming stiffness. Furthermore, it suits individuals seeking comfort and breathability without compromising support.


Cushioned for long miles

Lightweight and agile design

Peppy all the way


Roomy toe box


Rubs the heel

Not for narrow feet

Best Road-To-Trail Hybrid

Topo Athletic Runventure 4

Best Road-To-Trail Hybrid - Topo Athletic Runventure 4

The Runventure is an excellent option for people facing irregular trail obstacles because of its mild cushioning. This lightweight trainer reduces weight admirably without a rock plate in the midsole. Most testers praised the shoe’s excellent ground feel, but a couple wished for extra protection when navigating more challenging terrain. Thanks to its Vibram XS Trek Evo rubber outsole, this shoe is praised for its solid traction on slick surfaces and loose mud or gravel.


The Runventure’s midsole is lightweight because of the absence of a rock plate, allowing users to move quickly. Its padding strikes a balance, offering sufficient defense against stray trail debris without sacrificing ground sensation.


The shoe’s adaptability is also evident in how smoothly the moderately aggressive lugs allow for transitions between roads and trails, satisfying the needs of diverse runners.


Lightweight and flexible design

Durable construction

Wide toe box

Good traction

Reliable traction


Less supportive for long-distance runs

Upper unit crinkles

Best Comfortable Running Shoes for Women

Adidas Ultraboost Light

Best Comfortable and Durable - Adidas Ultraboost Light

With an astounding 30 percent weight decrease over the original Boost, the Ultraboost Light changes the game. The Ultraboost 22 measured an outstanding 11.7 ounces for a men’s size 9 during a recent test in our lab. According to our testers, the Light version of Boost kept the spirit of the original Boost despite having a lighter build, resulting in a comfortable and fulfilling experience. In admiration of the midsole foam, a Division I collegiate track and field runner said, “It’s a classic feature of the Ultraboost, and it significantly enhances the shoe’s responsiveness.”


The Ultraboost Light offers obvious advantages during lengthy runs, even though it may not equal the feather-like weight of today’s trainers under eight ounces. According to test subjects, it seemed lighter and more maneuverable, providing effortless control.


Notably, a veteran tester who has been with us since the Ultraboost’s debut said, “Compared to the first-generation Boost, this iteration feels much more stable to me.” This increased stability allayed worries about possible ankle twists, which were successfully reduced by the design of these shoes.


Lightweight design

Good energy return

Durable construction

Well-cushioned heel

Lively ride

Durable outsole


Not great on wet surfaces

Limited toe box room 

Best All-Rounder Running Shoe

Hoka Mach 5

Best All-Rounder Running Shoe - Hoka Mach 5

Hoka’s most adaptable running shoes, the Mach 5 trainers, balance simplicity and comfort, making them suited for inexperienced and seasoned runners. The Profly structure, which combines firm foam in the toe for powerful propulsion and soft foam in the heel for shock absorption, will be especially appreciated by advanced runners.


Due to the cutting-edge Profly technology, the Mach 5s have a vibrant and springy feel when in motion. After wearing the trainers for a day, the reviewer felt a slight soreness in the balls of their feet, suggesting that Hoka may have compromised some support in the process. The new EVA sole, intended to be lightweight and flexible, was less durable than conventional rubber soles.


Even yet, the Hoka Mach 5 is still an excellent option for both sprinters and marathon runners despite these slight shortcomings. They are smooth, light, and versatile, making them a valuable addition to any runner’s arsenal.


Cushioned for long runs

Responsive ride

Awesome fit

Runs and feels light

Wide feet friendly

Worth the money


Slips on wet surfaces

Gets easily dirty

Best Running Shoes for Stability

Puma ForeverRun Nitro

Best for Stability - Puma ForeverRun Nitro

With its cutting-edge features, the ForeverRun offers an outstanding running experience. The shoe achieves the ideal mix between plushness and responsiveness thanks to its distinctive dual-density midsole. A more complex foam rim surrounds the Nitro foam, providing a soft but secure surface. This clever design ensures incredible stability while enhancing comfort, enabling runners to step with assurance.


The painstakingly designed sock liner, created by Kaiser Sport & Ortopaedi, a known Danish clinic, and retailer specializing in running and walking, contributes to the shoe’s excellent support. With a molded heel cup and metatarsal pad, this high-cushioned sock liner offers superior cushioning and focused support. Effective impact absorption lowers the possibility of foot fatigue and discomfort.


Smooth and protective ride

Responsive cushioning

Excellent traction

Superb even on wet

Extremely comfortable


Feels heavy

Best Value Running Trainers

Nike Pegasus 39

Best Value Running Trainers – Nike Pegasus 39

With its timeless style that has been a mainstay since 1983, the Nike Pegasus brand appeals to people of all ages. It was first designed as a mid-range shoe for the average runner, and after more than three decades of yearly updates, it is still Nike’s most popular running shoe.


The Pegasus 39 retains a recognizable essence and resembles earlier versions more than the recent 38s. Notably, it replaces the previous full-length Zoom Air units with two Zoom Airbags in the forefoot and heel. The new design promotes improved cushioning, while the full-length teams prioritized a bouncy feel.


Although they don’t have any ground-breaking features, the trainers operate admirably, providing stability and dependability while running. The shoe has a sturdy construction and offers a lot of cushioning, support, and shock absorption. The Pegasus 39s are also lighter than the 38s, which they replace.

Take Look at: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 Review


Good traction

More responsive

Grippy on wet concrete

Snug and comfy fit



Narrow toe box for wide feet

Warm upper

Best for wide feet and Overpronators

New Balance Fresh Foam X 860v12

Best for wide feet - New Balance Fresh Foam X 860v12

One of the best running shoes for women is the Women’s New Balance 860 v13, a favorite among active women because it provides stability, solid support, and a comfortable fit. Due to its softness and lightweight, the Fresh Foam X technology from New Balance offers a comfortable and joyful ride in the midsole. Additionally, the forefoot portion of the shoe has a firmer, more active foam that improves toe-offs and gives the shoe a responsive feel.


The 860 v13’s capacity to handle particular gait problems and foot disorders is one of its main selling points. The solid medial pillar in the shoe will be especially helpful for those with low or flexible arches and those prone to overpronation. This carefully positioned support system encourages a more organic and effective stride by directing the foot away from overpronation.


The New Balance 860 v13 has a stylish style that many women find appealing. The cushioned heel collar may accommodate various foot shapes, which also improves the shoe’s overall look while ensuring a secure lockdown. This shoe will offer the necessary secure fit and stability for your runs or exercises, whether you have wide or narrow feet.


Protective cushion

Great grip on pavement

Suitable for long-distance running

Excellent stability



Lacks breathability

Slips on snow and slick roads

Best Women’s Running Shoes for Marathon Training

Saucony Triumph 20

Best for marathon training - Saucony Triumph 20

The Saucony Triumph 20 is a superb option for lengthy runs and marathon preparation. These sneakers, which cost £155, are entirely worth it. They strike the ideal combination between comfort and lightweight design at just 249g. They fit a variety of runners because they are offered in sizes UK 3 to 10. PWRRRUN+ foam cushioning, which provides a charming feel while minimizing the increased weight, is one standout feature.


The Saucony Triumph 20 fit perfectly suitable out of the box. They were a pleasure to wear because the smoothness around the ankle prevented any rubbing or pain. These shoes are ideal for long runs or marathon training because they provide plenty of cushioning to keep feet comfortable over long distances. Undeniable was the PWRRUN+ cushioning’s capacity to absorb impacts, which gave much-needed support when weariness set in. Surprisingly, these shoes also contributed a little bounce, showing each step a revitalizing lift.


Excellent cushioning

Durable construction

Lighter than before


Comfy as expected


Slightly heavier

Higher price range

Best Racing Shoes for Women

Saucony Endorphin Elite

Best for Racing - Saucony Endorphin Elite

For the serious and competitive runner, Saucony has created the Elite trainers. These sneakers are the go-to option on race day because of their stylish and functional design. The Elite genuinely shines when pushed to its boundaries, according to extensive wear testing that lasted nearly 1,000 miles and involved many runners.


The Elite from Saucony offers a propulsive ride that pushes you forward and encourages you to run faster, much like the Endorphin Pro+ and Endorphin Pro 3 from the company’s other racing shoe lineup. The Elite excels at converting easy 4-mile runs into extended runs at a marathon pace, so it’s not only for leisurely jogs. These trainers are your secret weapon to beat your previous best or accomplish your racing objectives.


The Elite’s excellent durability supports its performance. It is still in perfect condition and prepared for your next challenge, even after comprehensive wear testing. The careful construction and premium materials guarantee a lifetime without sacrificing comfort. Its lightweight design further improves speed and agility, enabling you to perform at your best throughout the race.


Excellent energy return

Solid lockdown

Great for faster runs

Pretty stable

Spacious toebox

Snug and secure fit


Narrow toe box

Best for Everyday Trail Running

HOKA Speedgoat 5

Best for Everyday Trail Running - HOKA Speedgoat 5

During their off-road jogging session, the product tester had a wonderful experience. The shoes offered exceptional comfort right away, and they persisted even after traveling a distance of several miles. The reviewer was delighted that the boots didn’t require a break-in period because their feet stayed blister-free. The soft EVA sockliner, which provided snug support and allowed for ventilation, was one standout feature.


The reviewer found that a couple more enormous puddles caused some leaking through the upper; therefore, the shoes were not entirely waterproof. However, the reviewer praised the thick design of the Vibram sole since it significantly reduced this problem. 


These characteristics made the shoes suitable for navigating the frequently rocky terrain of the reviewer’s neighborhood canal walk. The shoes’ 5mm lugs offered more stability and a reassuring hold over rugged terrain.

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Extra durable

Secure fit

Excellent heel hold

Exceptional traction

Roomy toe box

Super grippy


Not for wide feet


Finding the ideal pair of running shoes requires a lot of trial and error, but with the knowledge of the critical considerations and our top picks, you’re well on your way to making an educated choice. When choosing your ideal running shoes, consider taking your foot’s arch type, the amount of cushioning and support, breathability, and general fit.


You may significantly improve your running experience, lower your risk of injury, and improve your performance by investing in high-quality running shoes designed exclusively with women’s needs in mind. So put on your shoes, take the path or the road, and confidently relish each stride!

FAQs (Best Running Shoes for Women)

Which running shoes are best for women?

The ideal running shoes for women depend on their specific needs and preferences. Nike, Adidas, Brooks, New Balance, and ASICS are a few well-liked brands.


Which brand is best for running shoes?

Everyone has different brand preferences when it comes to running shoes. Well-known brands are Nike, Adidas, Brooks, New Balance, ASICS, Saucony, and Hoka One One.


Which is the No. 1 running shoe brand in the world?

Because it might vary depending on a person’s interests and where they live, only a few brands are universally recognized as the best running shoe. However, the leading and well-respected brands in the running shoe sector include Nike, Adidas, Brooks, and ASICS.


What type of shoes is good for running?

Since running shoes offer cushioning, stability, and support, they are typically advised for jogging. A comfortable fit, arch support, and cushioning are desirable shoe attributes. For jogging, brands like Nike, Adidas, Brooks, ASICS, and New Balance are good choices. For a comfortable jogging experience, choose shoes appropriate for your foot type.


How should women’s running shoes fit?

Women’s running shoes should be comfortable but snug. There should be adequate space for the toes to flex and move about without discomfort. The shoes should offer sufficient support and stability across the foot, and the heel should feel solid.


What is the best stability women’s running shoe?

Depending on personal demands and tastes, several shoes can be considered the most excellent stability for women’s running. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS, ASICS GT-2000, New Balance 860, Saucony Guide, and Nike Structure are well-liked alternatives with stability elements.


Who is the best female runner?

The title of “best” female runner is arbitrary and subject to alter over time. Florence GRIFFITH-JOYNER, Shalane Flanagan, Paula Radcliffe, Tirunesh Dibaba, and Catherine Ndereba are some outstanding female runners who have excelled and accomplished extraordinary things.

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