New Balance 327 Review

New Balance 327

New Balance is known for its comfort and arch design and has returned due to retro fashion’s resurgence, becoming a trendy brand. The New Balance 327 has emerged as a contemporary icon in the world of sneakers, blending vintage aesthetics with modern comfort and performance. Its retro-inspired design and premium craftsmanship have garnered attention from sneaker enthusiasts worldwide. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the features, performance, comfort, and style of the New Balance 327 to help you decide about this famous footwear.


  • Retro design
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Superb grip
  • Budget-friendly


  • Quite stiff
  • Not suitable for wide feet

Design and Aesthetics:

The hallmark of the New Balance 327 lies in its nostalgic design that pays homage to classic running shoes from the ’70s. The oversized ‘N’ logo on the shoe’s lateral side and the exaggerated jagged outsole exude a bold retro vibe. The sneaker has a suede and mesh upper featuring an excessive fang design inspired by the New Balance 320, New Balance 355, and Super Comp. Its nylon and suede upper materials in various colour combinations offer a versatile and stylish look suitable for multiple outfits and occasions. Whether the vibrant colour pops or muted tones, the 327 effortlessly complements casual and athleisure wear.

Comfort and Fit:

Beyond its striking appearance, the New Balance 327 sneakers excel in comfort. The shoe features a cushioned midsole crafted with lightweight EVA foam, providing a responsive and supportive feel. Wearers often commend its comfortable fit, attributing it to the well-padded collar and tongue that ensure a snug yet relaxing experience. Additionally, the shoe’s breathable construction allows for adequate airflow, reducing the chances of discomfort during prolonged wear. I’m wearing a size 9, and the sneaker fits true. It feels very breathable and holds comfortably compared to other running shoes. They’re pretty heavy if you’re using them to run, but it’s standard if you’re swagging it up.


While the New Balance 327 is primarily designed for everyday comfort and style, its performance on various surfaces should be noticed. The lugged rubber outsole offers excellent traction, providing stability and grip on different terrains. Though not explicitly designed for intense athletic activities, the 327 performs admirably for light workouts, walks, or casual activities. Its versatile nature makes it a reliable choice for individuals seeking style and functionality.


The sole is very durable, and since the uppers are made from suede material, they are durable but could be better for moisture. Crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, the New Balance 327 boasts impressive durability. Combining suede overlays and sturdy nylon ensures longevity, retaining its shape and quality even after extended use. Moreover, the robust rubber outsole is designed to withstand regular wear, maintaining its traction and integrity over time.

Price and Value:

Considering its blend of retro aesthetics, comfort, and durability, the New Balance 327 offers reasonable value for its price point. While it may fall within the mid-range pricing for sneakers, its timeless design and quality construction make it a worthwhile investment for enthusiasts and fashion-conscious individuals.


In summary, the New Balance 327 is a timeless style and comfort symbol. Its fusion of retro design elements with contemporary functionality appeals to a broad audience, from sneaker collectors to those seeking everyday casual footwear. While not tailored for high-performance sports, its reliability, comfort, and durability make it a versatile choice for various activities. Overall, the New Balance 327 encapsulates the essence of heritage design, ensuring a fashionable statement without compromising comfort and quality. Overall, the shoe has excellent quality, so that I will give the sneaker a 5 out of 5.


Remember, while choosing footwear, personal preferences and fit play pivotal roles. The New Balance 327’s unique blend of style and comfort make it a compelling choice for those seeking a balance between fashion and functionality in their footwear collection.


Are New Balance 327 true to size?

New Balance 327 generally runs true to size for most wearers. However, checking the sizing chart or trying them on for the best fit is recommended.


Is New Balance 327 suitable for running?

While New Balance 327 has a stylish design inspired by running shoes, they are more suitable for casual wear rather than intense running sessions due to their fashion-forward design.


Are New Balance 327 good for wide feet?

New Balance 327 tends to have a roomy toe box, making them a good option for those with wider feet. However, trying them on is advisable to ensure the perfect fit.


Are New Balance 327 unisex?

Yes, the New Balance 327 is considered a unisex sneaker designed to be worn by both men and women.


Are New Balance 327 running shoes?

While they draw inspiration from running shoes, New Balance 327 is more popular as a lifestyle or casual sneaker rather than a performance-oriented running shoe.


Are New Balance 327 waterproof?

New Balance 327 isn’t explicitly designed to be waterproof. They may offer some water resistance, but they’re not fully waterproof.


Are New Balance 327 suitable for the gym?

They can be worn for light gym activities or as part of a casual gym outfit, but shoes explicitly designed for gym use might be more suitable for intense workouts.


Do New Balance 327 run small?

Some wearers suggest that New Balance 327 runs slightly small, so considering sizing up is a good idea for a comfortable fit.

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