Best New Balance Running Shoes of 2024

Best New Balance Running Shoes

Are you searching for the ideal pair of running shoes? Consider New Balance first. New Balance running shoes have long been a runner’s favorite thanks to their dedication to performance and style. But which solutions are the best when there are so many available? To assist you in selecting the ideal pair to advance your running, we’ll analyze the best New Balance running shoes in this post.

Long a favourite among runners, the New Balance 1080 series is a top-tier neutral cushioning shoe. It provides even cushioning, making it the perfect high-mileage cruiser.


The Fresh Foam X midsole of the New Balance 1080 V12, which offers outstanding cushioning, is one of its standout characteristics. Additionally, improving loading efficiency and guaranteeing a comfortable ride is the split outsole. The soft, blown rubber can accommodate long-distance runs under the forefoot, which works harmoniously with the midsole’s cushioning.


All runners will experience a customized fit thanks to the 1080V12’s four widths and soft knit upper that fits true to size. The thick, replaceable insole adds an extra layer of softness, making it ideal for runners who prioritise comfort. The New Balance 1080 V12 is an excellent option for runners who want a cushioned ride on their long runs, even though it might not be the best choice for speed runs. Overall, for serious runners who value comfort and support, it’s a beautiful investment.


Excellent cushioning

Smooth transitions

Well-padded upper

For heavy runners

Stable when cornering



A bit bulky

Not for narrow feet

Best New Balance Trail Running Shoes

New Balance Fresh Foam X Trail v2

A trail-specific variation of the well-known New Balance Fresh Foam More v3 is the New Balance Fresh Foam X Trail v2. This shoe still has a soft foam interior and underfoot, which makes it exceptionally cozy for extended runs on rugged terrain. Given that it is constructed on a wide platform and is also offered in a wide variant, runners with giant feet can wear it with ease. Similar to the More v3, the 4mm drop offers stability when negotiating rocky and root-filled trails.


Although the smooth rocker form of this shoe aids runners in maintaining their speed, some trail runners who prefer a more tactile feel might find the thick midsole too much. The increased weight and size and the higher price don’t seem as out of place in a trail shoe, though. Overall, the most plushly cushioned and top-rated New Balance trail shoe is the Fresh Foam X Trail v2. It’s ideal for runners who put comfort and support first while riding rugged trails.


The Fresh Foam X path v2 is a great option if you’re looking for a sneaker that can easily handle any path. The wide platform ensures a secure fit, and the plush foam underfoot and lining offer unrivalled comfort. The 4mm drop offers stability on unsteady ground, and the smooth rocker shape aids in maintaining your stride. It might not be the most tactile trail shoe, but it’s an excellent choice for runners seeking a stable and comfortable ride.


Extreme protection

Great lockdown

Fantastic grip

Durable construction




A bit narrow

Best New Balance Running Shoes for Long Distance

New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainer

Best New Balance Running Shoes - New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Trainer

The New Balance FuelCell Supercomp Trainer is the ideal shoe if you want to run farther and faster. This shoe is perfect for long runs because it provides energy return and cushioning. The shoe is equipped with New Balance’s Energy Arc technology, which consists of an arched carbon plate sandwiched between two substantial layers of FuelCell cushioning.


According to our evaluation of the New Balance FuelCell Supercomp Trainer, this carbon-plated shoe is a favourite of runners of all levels, from those who alternate between running and walking to super speedsters. The flat-knit, breathable upper provides stability and keeps your foot safe and at ease as you cover a lot of ground.


FuelCell Supercomp Trainer is a great option for runners who value cushioning and energy return. A pleasant ride is provided by the Energy Arc technology and FuelCell cushioning, while the arched carbon plate provides runners with an added energy boost. It’s a fantastic choice for runners who want to cover much ground in comfort and style because of the stable, breathable, flat-knit upper.


Lightweight and breathable

Bouncy and soft

Extremely protective underfoot

Good traction

Excellent energy return

Great lockdown


A bit stiff

Collects some rocks

Best Stability New Balance Running Shoes 

New Balance Fresh Foam 860v13

Best New Balance Running Shoes - New Balance Fresh Foam

For runners and walkers, the Fresh Foam X 860 v13 from New Balance is an excellent running shoe that offers dependable support and cushioning. Every step is smooth and steady thanks to the shoe’s sturdy and robust midsole post. For people with flexible arches, the innovative midsole geometry and reinforced upper jointly reduce overpronation, making it a perfect option.


The New Balance 860 v13’s usage of high-performance Fresh Foam X in the midsole is one of its distinguishing qualities. With this technology’s help, runners may easily cover a greater distance thanks to smooth landings and energizing takeoffs. The shoe proved highly dependable during our testing, making it a top choice for anyone searching for a reliable pair of running shoes.


Overall, the Fresh Foam X 860 v13 is a great running shoe with the ideal balance of stability, support, and cushioning. Serious athletes and casual runners will find it a terrific choice because of its dependable performance and cozy fit. The New Balance 860 v13 is unquestionably a shoe to consider if you’re looking for a new pair for running.


Excellent cushioning

Amazing lockdown

Durable outsole

True to size




Not for high arches


Best New Balance Running Shoes for Marathon Running 

New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v3

Best New Balance Running Shoes of 2023

An excellent option for runners searching for a shoe that offers a smooth ride while feeling lightweight is the New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite V3. The shoe has a superior overall design, an exposed Energy Arc carbon plate, and protective FuelCell foam. The SC Elite V3 will make your stride seem fluid, whether running fast on race day or covering large distances on your neighbourhood roads or greenway.


The SC Elite V3 is the best road racing shoe that New Balance has produced, despite the knit top being a little challenging. The shoe has a soft protective FuelCell foam that delivers a comfortable and supportive ride, and the carbon plate gives it an excellent pop.


Runners searching for a breathable and comfy road racing shoe may consider the New Balance FuelCell SC Elite V3. Although the knit top may be improved, the shoe’s performance and general design make it a fantastic choice for runners of all abilities.


Snug and supportive fit

Good traction and grip

Great for long-runs

Better energy return

Grippy outsole

Stable ride


Poor lockdown

Not for flat feet

Best New Balance Shoes for Speed Work

New Balance FuelCell Rebel v3

For runners aiming to increase their pace, the New Balance Fuelcell Rebel v3 is a light, springy shoe that is ideal. The shoe has New Balance’s FuelCell cushioning, which offers a comfortable ride and a high-energy return. With even more of this springy midsole material in the Rebel, you will feel energized after completing another hill repetition.


As you sprint around the track during your workout, your midfoot is kept safe by the Rebel’s lightweight upper and gusseted tongue. The shoe is adaptable for cross-training, daily runs, speedwork, and more. It’s a fantastic alternative for runners who desire a light, springy, and cushioned shoe.


The New Balance Fuelcell Rebel v3 is an excellent choice for runners looking for a shoe with a high-energy return and a smooth ride. The shoe is a fantastic choice for various exercises and running activities due to its lightweight construction and adaptability.


Suitable for fast workouts

Soft and fun ride


Excellent breathability

Great lockdown



Less durability

Not good on wet surfaces

Best New Balance Running Shoes for Everyday Training

New Balance Fresh Foam 880v13

Best New Balance Running Shoes for Everyday Training

A favourite among runners and walkers, the Fresh Foam X 860 v13 from New Balance is a dependable running shoe with excellent support and cushioning.


The shoe is an excellent choice for people with flexible arches. It has a robust, long-lasting midsole post, improved midsole geometry, and a structured top that reduces overpronation. Each step is smooth and stable thanks to the high-performance Fresh Foam X used in the midsole, which offers a comfortable landing and energizing takeoff.


The New Balance 860 v13’s durability, as well as its support, accommodating fit, and lightweight feel, was highly praised by our testers. This stability shoe has been updated with innovations that improve comfort and cushioning, making it a must-have for anyone searching for a trustworthy and cozy running shoe.



Snug fit


Durable outsole

Great lockdown



Best Budget New Balance Running Shoes

New Balance FuelCell Propel v3

Best New Balance Running Shoes - New Balance FuelCell Propel v3

An economical replacement for the FuelCell Rebel v2 is the New Balance FuelCell Propel v3. Although several components, including the rubber on the outsole, the traction, and the comfort of the upper, have been downgraded, the FuelCell midsole still provides a similar stack height and almost as much responsiveness and bounce as the Rebel v2. Because of this, the Propel v3 is a great choice for runners on a budget who want a high-quality shoe.


The FuelCell Propel v3 is the Rebel v2’s younger brother or knockdown model as opposed to its more expensive predecessor. The Propel v3 is a fantastic value for runners searching for a responsive and bouncy shoe that won’t break the bank because the midsole offers comparable cushioning and energy return.


In conclusion, the New Balance FuelCell Propel v3 is a reliable running shoe with great value. It might have only some of the high-end features of the FuelCell Rebel v2. Still, runners who value performance over materials will find the midsole’s cushioning and responsiveness a terrific asset.


Good traction

Enjoyable ride

Comfortable fit




Tight toe box

Insole slip issues

Best New Balance Shoes for Long Days

New Balance Fresh Foam More v4

Best New Balance Running Shoes - New Balance Fresh Foam More v4

Running shoes that offer comfort and cost include the New Balance Fresh Foam X More v4. Thanks to its design, any foot shape, including wide and flat feet, can fit comfortably on its top. For long runs or everyday usage, the Fresh Foam X midsole provides a pleasant ride for any distance.


The design of the midsole and the snug lockdown of the foot inside the midsole give the shoe stability. This implies that even people with narrow feet can confidently run on highways with sharp turns and uneven surfaces. The shoe’s hefty design is appropriate for casual and running wear.


Wide feet friendly

Built to last


Great durability

A stable ride




Runs warm

Best Lightweight New Balance Running Shoes

New Balance FuelCell Prism v2

Best New Balance Running Shoes - New Balance FuelCell Prism v2

Running shoes like the New Balance FuelCell Prism v2 offer stability and speed for daily workouts and competitions. With each step, its sensitive and light FuelCell midsole foam provides a springy energy return. The shoe’s medial post system supports the foot’s interior, encouraging secure landings and uniform wear.


The FuelCell Prism v2 provides a lightweight and comfortable alternative, so you no longer struggle with cumbersome and hefty stability shoes.




Roomy toebox

Cushioned upper



Not for overpronation



Are New Balance shoes good to run in?

Yes, New Balance offers a variety of running shoes made to enhance runners’ comfort, support, and performance.


Which New Balance shoes are highly recommended for those with knee pain?

Because they offer greater cushioning and support, the New Balance 990v5 and the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11 are strongly suggested for people with knee problems.


Is New Balance better than Nike?

That depends on what each person wants and needs. High-quality sports footwear is available from both brands, but New Balance frequently stresses support and comfort, while Nike prioritizes functionality and appearance.


Are New Balance Fresh Foam good for running?

The Fresh Foam range from New Balance is made exclusively for running and offers superior support, responsiveness, and cushioning.


What is the most popular New Balance?

Due to its longevity and reputation for comfort and durability, the New Balance 990 is one of the most well-known styles of New Balance footwear.


Which celebrity wears New Balance?

A number of famous people, including Jaden Smith, Heidi Klum, and Steve Aoki, have been sighted sporting New Balance.


What country is New Balance made?

New Balance was established in the United States in 1906 in Boston, Massachusetts. The majority of their shoes are still created in the USA, despite the fact that they do have factories in other nations, including the United Kingdom.

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