10 Best Cross Training Shoes of 2024

Best Cross-Training Shoes

Are you tired of switching between different shoes for various workout activities? Do you look for a pair of shoes that can tackle any physical challenge you throw at it? Look nowhere else! This article will explore the top cross-training shoes, the finest way to enhance your performance and safeguard your feet while engaging in various exercises. Are you prepared to find the ideal fitness adventure partner now?


In this article, we will discuss a variety of cross-training shoes made to satisfy the needs of athletes and recreational exercisers. These shoes have various characteristics that improve stability, flexibility, and support, making them perfect for weightlifting, HIIT, circuit training, and more. These cross-training shoes will provide you the adaptability you need to succeed in your fitness goals, whether you’re a gym goer, a runner who enjoys cross-training, or someone who wants to try various workout routines.


Where can you acquire the most accurate knowledge on the top cross-training shoes? Our accomplished athletes and fitness professionals can help with that. They have thoroughly examined and assessed a wide range of cross-training shoes available on the market using their wealth of knowledge and experience. In the following parts, we’ll share their perspectives while spotlighting the best models, going over important details, and assisting you in reaching a decision. Let’s explore the world of the top cross-training sneakers and advance your exercises without further ado.


Keep in mind that the correct cross-training shoes can have a significant impact on your comfort, performance, and overall training experience. Join us on this thrilling voyage as we investigate the cross-training footwear market and assist you in locating the ideal pair for your fitness objectives. Let’s get going!

Best Cross-Training Shoes for CrossFit

Reebok Nano X1

Best Cross-Training Shoes for CrossFit

For those looking for the best possible performance throughout their workouts, the most recent Nano model is a need. Whether you’re an experienced CrossFit enthusiast or just getting started, this shoe has you covered. It provides unmatched stability, even when lifting a lot of weight, thanks to its broad base, lightweight heel clip, and low-to-the-ground design. Changing movements has never felt more seamless, thanks to the minimum heel-to-toe drop feature.


The ultra-responsive foam midsole is one of this Nano’s most notable features. It offers superior cushioning, keeping your feet safe while performing intense plyometric circuits. There is no longer any cause for discomfort or harm from impacts. The densely woven, smooth, flexible top also ensures comfort and breathability during your whole exercise. Your feet will stay cool and supported even when things become intense, and you sweat profusely.


The Nano’s rubber outsole has precisely positioned grooves to provide traction. You’ll have the traction you need to maintain control and perform at your peak, whether moving quickly in one direction or changing directions when you’re motionless. This shoe is unquestionably a game-changer for any athlete looking to get a competitive edge during their training. Take advantage of the chance to use the most recent Nano to advance your training.


Versatile training shoe

Durable construction

Comfortable fit

Excellent traction on gym floors

Responsive cushioning

Enhanced traction 


Tongue slides a bit

Slightly stiff sole

Best Cross Training Shoes for Arch Support

Inov-8-F-Lite G-300

Best Cross-Training Shoes for Arch Support

A cross-trainer that stands out for its great comfort and arch support is the Inov-8 F-Lite G-300, a top pick for people with larger feet. Fitness writer Anthony O’Reilly, who attests to their comfort even for individuals with larger shoe sizes, is a fan of these shoes since they were made to offer plenty of room without sacrificing a secure fit.


The G-300’s footbed cushioning, made of elastic and shock-absorbing ETPU material, is one of its most distinctive features. Unlike Many Other Cross-Trainers, the G-300 features this cutting-edge polymer, which is frequently used in insole inserts, safety footwear, and heavy-duty work shoes, unlike many other cross-trainers. Whether it’s the hard pavement or a gym mat, the high-pressure and heat treatment improves its qualities, producing a cushioning sensation that is constant and comfortable across different surfaces. Furthermore, these shoes have no break-in period, allowing customers to put them on and start their workouts immediately.


The G-300 excels at offering comfort, support, and durability. The outsole and midsole are impregnated with graphene, contributing to their remarkably long lifespan. The knit upper promotes ventilation. These shoes are ideal for leisure athletes looking for a comfortable and durable footwear solution for their regular physical activities, even though they are not advised for strenuous activities like training for a half-marathon or setting personal records in the deadlift.

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Highly breathable

Outstanding stability

Lightweight design

Versatile shoe

Durable materials

Excellent grip 


Causes some discomfort

Higher price point

Best Balance Builder Cross Training Shoe

Mizuno TF-01 Training Shoe

Best Balance Builder - Cross-Training Shoes

With its cutting-edge technology, the Mizuno TF-01 cross-training shoe seeks to revolutionize performance. This shoe improves balance and offers a distinctive sensory experience thanks to the flexible grid on the outsole and circular pods in the midsole. Strategically placed circular pods under the foot provide a raised texture that strengthens the foot’s connection to the ground and increases feedback from each stride. This function aids in boosting your sense of control and stability when exercising.


The Mizuno TF-01 features innovative technology as well as an expertly crafted outsole. In addition to adding a sense of flair, the detailed diamond design provides superior grip and lateral stability. Because of this, the shoe is an excellent option for agility training, which places a premium on quick directional shifts. In addition, the shoe’s lightweight design, soft woven mesh top, and reinforced heel provide stability and comfort throughout strenuous exercises, regardless of their speed or intensity.


The Mizuno TF-01 cross-training shoe is an excellent example of how innovation, usefulness, and design coexist. With its innovative technology, which includes a flexible grid and circular pods, equilibrium is improved, and an unmatched sensory experience is offered. The Mizuno TF-01 is a superb option to improve your performance and take your exercises to the next level.


Excellent flexibility

Snug and secure fit

Ample ventilation

Excellent stability and support

Comfortable fit

Durable construction



Narrow fit

Steep price

Best Cross-Training Shoes for Wide Feet

Reebok Nano X3

Best Cross-Training Shoes for Wide Feet

The Reebok Nano X3 deserves praise as a superb option for anyone with flat feet looking for cross-training sneakers. It blends the best elements of numerous designs to provide a flexible and adaptive shape. It accommodates a variety of foot anatomy thanks to its larger structure, making it suited for a wide range of people. The Nano X3’s Flexweave top also has some elasticity, which, after breaking them in, makes for a snug fit.


This model does a fantastic job when it comes to lifting. It has demonstrated durability by completing squats and deadlifts up to 405 lbs. If you work out with heavy lifting, the Reebok Nano X3 offers the support and stability you need.


The Nano X3 excels in a variety of training conditions in addition to weightlifting. Its responsive feel makes it perfect for activities like classes, HIIT workouts, and outdoor sessions, thanks to its Floatride Energy foam midsole and Lift and Run Chassis system. The shoe’s design allows it to adapt to various training modalities, offering the required cushioning and support for multiple workouts.


Extremely comfortable upper

Responsive cushioning

Good stability for moderate lifting

Scene-stealing appearance

Excellent stability and grip


Break-in needed

A bit narrow

Best Cross-Training Shoes for Heavy Workouts

Hoka ONE ONE Kawana

Best Cross-Training Shoes for Heavy Workouts

The Kawana, a revolutionary max-cushioned trainer, is a cozy and practical choice for running and cross-training with a lot of cardio. This shoe provides exceptional cushioning, high rebound, and a smooth ride while being a little heavier than Hoka’s well-liked Clifton and Mach models. A pleasant experience is guaranteed by the midsole, which is sturdy and supportive. The breathable mesh top provides a roomy fit and strong foot lockdown, allowing unrestricted mobility.


The Kawana excels when used for jogging and HIIT exercises. Due to its high stack and soft midsole, there might be better options for weightlifting. The shoe might not provide the necessary stability for users looking for shoes made expressly for weightlifting. Additionally, our testers had conflicting opinions on the traction of the rubber outsole. It functions more effectively in gym settings than on wet pavement.


Smooth and stable ride

Superior cushioning

Wide toe box

Exceptionally comfortable

Versatile: running and gym


Limited stability

Needs some breaking in

Average-at-best grip

Best Cross-Training Shoes for HIIT

Nike SuperRep Go 3 Next Nature Flyknit

Best Cross-Training Shoes for HIIT

In the world of HIIT training sneakers, the Nike SuperRep Go 3 Next Nature Flyknit is a game-changer. It establishes a new standard for athletes concerned about the environment, emphasizing performance and sustainability. The flyknit upper’s fashionable design and snug fit to ensure that your foot remains firmly in place throughout energetic motions. You may easily carry out your HIIT activities with the material’s ideal combination of stretch and flexibility.


This shoe excels when used for cardiac exercises. The flexible and responsive lightweight foam midsole ensures your body is well-supported even as your heart rate increases. The midsole offers the essential bounce and impact absorption whether you’re performing jumping workouts or going for a short treadmill run.


The SuperRep Go 3 Next Nature Flyknit’s finely crafted outsole is one of its most distinctive qualities. Your agility and overall performance will improve thanks to the flexible grooves underneath the shoe, which facilitate good spring-off. The outsole also uses tough rubber in appropriate places to enhance traction and lifespan. With the knowledge that your feet will stay firmly planted even during high-intensity movements, you can confidently embark on any HIIT routine.


Very nice overall fit

Lightweight and breathable

Unique and stylish aesthetic

Extreme support and stability

Provides good spring back

Responsive cushioning


Not for wide feet

Durability concerns

Best Cross-Training Shoes for Running

On Cloud X 3

Best Cross-Training Shoes for Running

The On Cloud X 3 is a versatile cross-training shoe appropriate for various exercises, including classes, HIIT workouts, and mild strength training. This concept succeeds the On Cloud X brilliantly as a follow-up. It offers a gratifying level of responsiveness because of its CloudTec midsole. You’ll enjoy the energetic bounce these shoes provide, whether you’re doing jump rope, skips, short sprints, or squat jumps.


The On Cloud X 3 not only performs superbly, but it also has a stylish design. The perfect training shoe can be worn daily thanks to its breathable and light construction. These shoes are among my top choices for traveling and walking, along with the On Cloud X. They are appropriate for casual wear and exercise because of their cozy design and attractive appearance.


In conclusion, anyone looking for a cross-training shoe that meets their varied fitness goals may consider the On Cloud X 3. It provides a noteworthy level of responsiveness thanks to its CloudTec midsole, making a variety of exercises enjoyable. It is appropriate for everyday wear due to its appealing appearance, breathability, and lightweight. The On Cloud X 3 is a reliable companion that flawlessly blends practicality and style, whether hitting the gym or taking a stroll around town.


Excellent ground feel

Flexible and adaptive midsole

Breathable mesh upper

Responsive cushioning

Seamless construction

Extremely versatile


Limited arch support

Slightly pricey

Best Cross-Training Shoes for Squats

Adidas Adipower 2

Best Cross-Training Shoes for Squats

The raised heel on the Adidas Adipower 2 training shoe is helpful for squat exercises. With the help of this design element, lifters may squat down farther while efficiently transferring force to the quadriceps and minimizing hip movement. With a staggering 20.1-millimeter heel-to-toe drop, these trainers stand out as one of the highest alternatives available. Surprisingly, their adaptability allows users to participate in various sports beyond weightlifting.


The Adipowers also have a flexible forefoot, making them ideal for conditioning exercises. The shoes are best suited for shorter distances, such as a quarter of a mile, so keeping that in mind is crucial. They could be better for long-distance jogging. The toe box is another admirable feature; it is made with just the appropriate width to assist lifters who prefer to stretch their toes during workouts, which helps with balance.


Although the Adidas Adipower 2 has many excellent characteristics, it’s important to remember that these sneakers are more expensive. This purchase is justifiable if you are a severe weightlifter looking for a shoe to manage demanding lifting and rapid aerobic exercises. However, people primarily interested in lifting or doing aerobic workouts could spend money on specialized footwear to meet their individual needs. Overall, for severe weightlifters searching for versatile footwear that can withstand demanding training sessions, the Adidas Adipower 2 is a great option.


Designed specifically for weightlifting

Sturdy and durable construction

Firm and flat sole

Solid and stable base

Improves ankle mobility

Dynamic upper


Requires a break-in period

Best Budget Cross-Training Shoes

Reebok Nanoflex TR

Best Budget Cross-Training Shoes

A less expensive option to the high-end Reebok Nanos and Metcons is the Reebok Nanoflex TR. It is a beautiful choice for people looking for cross-trainers on a tight budget, with a price tag as low as $62. While these shoes function admirably for CrossFit and weightlifting sessions, according to our fitness writer and personal trainer Amanda Capritto’s comprehensive testing, they genuinely shine during HIIT exercises. Their highly responsive foam midsole, which readily supports plyometric motions and offers outstanding cushioning and shock absorption for joint protection, is the key to their success.


Although these shoes can be used for weightlifting and CrossFit, their effectiveness mostly depends on the wearer’s degree of fitness. The Reebok Nanoflex TR will do if you only participate in informal recreational activities—however, more than these shoes might be required for severe bodybuilders or CrossFitters who want maximal stability.


The Reebok Nanoflex TR doubles as a pleasant everyday shoe in addition to workout sessions. It comes in eight distinct colors for men, while for ladies, it comes in six. Although the additional padding makes for all-day comfort, people with broader feet may find it uncomfortable due to the toe box’s limited size.


Durable rubber outsole

Reinforced toe and heel



Perfect for plyometrics

Good looking


Cushioning may feel too firm

Not for wide feet

Best Cross Training Shoes For Lifting

Reebok Legacy Lifter II

Best For Lifting

Elite athletes frequently choose the Legacy Lifter II, which lives up to its reputation for outstanding performance during demanding exercises. This shoe’s precise design successfully keeps weight balanced when carrying bulky items. Its sturdy outsole, furnished with a raised heel and a heel clip, offers exceptional stability and guarantees a firm base for each lift. Additionally, the airflow provided by the breathable cloth upper improves comfort by reducing discomfort and excessive perspiration.


The Legacy Lifter II’s rugged rubber outsole, which provides outstanding grip even in challenging situations, is one of its distinguishing qualities. Thanks to this steady traction, athletes can retain control and concentrate on their lifts without worrying about slipping or sliding. Along with securing the midfoot, the laces and strap combination offer the best support and stability during the cross-training session. Thanks to this clever design, users benefit from a secure fit and distraction-free movements.


Aesthetically designed

Enhanced Stability

Excellent stability and support

Optimal Power Transfer

Superior material quality

Worthwhile investment


Limited Versatility



To sum up, choosing the best cross-trainer shoes is essential for maximizing training effectiveness and avoiding injuries. Take into account elements like comfort, support, toughness, and versatility. Your fitness journey will benefit from an investment in high-quality footwear. Timely replacement and proper upkeep are critical. Choose the ideal pair, fasten them, and confidently and comfortably achieve your workout objectives. Make wise decisions and achieve your fitness goals!

FAQs (Best Cross-Training Shoes)

What is a good shoe for cross-training?

A shoe that provides support, stability, cushioning, and flexibility is ideal for cross-training. Look for shoes made explicitly for cross-training that can manage actions like jogging, jumping, lateral movements, and weightlifting.


What are cross-training shoes?

A pair of sports shoes that may be worn for a variety of exercises and activities are known as cross-training footwear. They are suitable for various exercises, including running, jumping, lateral movements, and weightlifting, because they offer a balance of cushioning, stability, flexibility, and support.


Is it OK to run in cross-training shoes?

Running can be done with cross-training shoes but might provide less cushioning and support than running-specific footwear. It is typically advised to wear running shoes made expressly to give the essential cushioning and impact absorption for running if that is your primary form of exercise.


What are the best men’s cross-training shoes?

The finest cross-training shoes for guys can differ based on personal tastes and requirements. Brands like Nike, Reebok, New Balance, and Under Armour are a few well-liked and ranked possibilities. When choosing the best cross-training shoes for yourself, it’s crucial to consider elements like fit, comfort, support, durability, and the specific exercises you intend to participate in.


Why is cross-training important?

Cross-training is crucial since it has numerous advantages for people in various situations. Focusing on different muscle groups, boosting cardiovascular endurance, and encouraging flexibility aid in improving total fitness. Cross-training can also keep you from getting bored, lower your risk of overuse problems, and give you a well-rounded approach to physical fitness.


What type of shoe is best for CrossFit?

Specialised CrossFit or training shoes are the ideal footwear for CrossFit. These shoes are designed to withstand the weightlifting, dynamic motions, and intense exercises associated with CrossFit. They are perfect for CrossFit training since they offer stability, durability, and support for various activities.


Can you lift weights in cross trainers?

Yes, you can use cross-trainers to raise weights. These shoes are ideal for weightlifting activities because they are made to offer stability, support, and a solid foundation. But if weightlifting is your main activity, consider investing in specialized weightlifting shoes for even more focused advantages.

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