The 7 Best Walking Shoes for Ultimate Comfort in 2024

Best Walking Shoes 2023

Are you trying to find the ideal walking shoes to keep your feet supported and at ease while you go on your regular walks? Look nowhere else! The best walking shoe options will be uncovered as we delve into walking shoes in this blog post. Finding the appropriate pair of walking shoes is crucial for a comfortable and happy experience, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a casual walker, or someone who spends long hours on your feet.

Several considerations must be made when selecting the best walking shoes. A few essential factors include cushioning, arch support, breathability, and durability. We’ve done the homework and assembled a selection of excellent walking shoes that satisfy these requirements and more. You can select a pair that meets your needs and enables you to stand for extended periods without feeling uncomfortable or exhausted, regardless of your foot shape or walking style.

Purchasing top-notch walking shoes improves your walking pleasure and the health of your feet. Too small or supportive shoes can cause blisters, foot pain, and even chronic illnesses. With our in-depth guide, you’ll learn which walking shoes are the best on the market and get advice on how to pick the perfect pair for your particular requirements. Get the ideal pair of walking shoes that will keep you going with confidence and ease so that you may step into comfort.

Best Walking Shoes for Men

Brooks Men’s Glycerin 20

Best Walking Shoes for Men

The Brooks Glycerin GTS 20 sneakers have made a lasting impression as the best choice for guys. Their extraordinary comfort and adaptability became instantly clear when they were put on. The thick and velvety feeling of the plush cushioned midsole was adorable. The perfect fit, which tightly embraced the feet in all the right places while giving plenty of room in the toe box, stood out even more. These shoes also accommodate people with broad feet or needing more space for orthotics because they come in wide sizes.


The Glycerin GTS 20’s reactivity is one of its best qualities. Throughout the testing period, the padding in these shoes provided excellent stability and support for the ankles and knees. Even though they were primarily made for running, they worked just as well for walks and cardio exercises. The breathable, lightweight top textile also demonstrated excellent water-repellent properties. It was satisfying to find out how quickly these shoes dried after an unexpected contact with rain, all the while avoiding any hints of sogginess or heaviness.


Glycerin GTS 20 is regarded as an excellent option for regular walking or jogging because it is a solid and sturdy shoe. Fitness enthusiasts and people looking for a durable trainer for prolonged wear find it particularly tempting because of its dependable grip and durable tread. It’s vital to remember that these shoes cost more than the other selections on the list. However, their fantastic performance and quality indeed make the price worthwhile.


Comfortable cushioning

Enhanced durability

Stylish design


Responsive ride



Heavier weight

Laces don’t stay tied

Best Budget Walking Shoes

Asics GEL-Venture 8

Best Budget Walking Shoes

For individuals looking for competitively priced, comfortable footwear ideal for exercise or prolonged wear, the GEL-Venture 8 running shoe is a great choice. This shoe performed admirably in our tests on treadmill walks and walking on paved surfaces, and easy hikes. The shoe’s extraordinary GEL cushioning, especially in the heel area, is one of its standout features. It demonstrated exceptional shock absorption qualities and received a nearly perfect score in the cushioning category.


The GEL-Venture 8 distinguished up in terms of blister defense as well. A roomy toe box was created using breathable mesh material and making broader sizes available, increasing comfort and decreasing the risk of blister formation. However, it is important to note that the shoe sizes tend to run small; therefore, ordering a size larger than usual is recommended to ensure the most excellent fit.


The shoe’s sturdy and sticky outsole pleased us during our examination because it offered dependable traction even in muddy circumstances. It is a versatile option for walks or excursions on easy routes because it provides adequate protection and support. Its affordability also contributes to its appeal. The GEL-Venture 8’s cushioning and shock absorption properties make it a good alternative for both walking and all-day usage because it is made to withstand wear and tear.


Secure fit

Durable construction

True to size

Feels light

Affordable price


Narrow toebox

Best Walking Shoes for Women

Ryka Devotion 3

Best Walking Shoes for Women

Women who exercise while walking or standing for long periods can consider the Ryka Devotion Plus 3 walking shoe. It’s snug fit and plush cushioning have earned it acclaim as the top option overall for women.


The Devotion Plus 3 provided velvety comfort throughout the testing process and showed excellent shock absorption. Its spacious toe box is a remarkable feature that reduces irritation and receives an A+ for preventing blisters.


The Devotion Plus 3 bends in the center, at the arch, as opposed to typical walking and running shoes, which bend at the ball of the foot. It is beneficial for people who have bunions or arthritis in their big toe because of this design element. However, it might provide less stability and support than other solutions available. However, its responsive and bouncy cushioning makes it an excellent option for relaxed neighborhood strolls or regular walks.


The shoe’s airy upper makes it ideal for walking in warm weather. Your feet will stay dry and cool thanks to the adequate airflow provided by the front and side vents. During walks, the heel ensures that your foot remains in position without slipping or sliding by providing a snug fit and a stable feeling. The Ryka Devotion Plus 3 is the best option for comfortable and hassle-free wear, whether you prefer taking walks outdoors or using a treadmill workstation during work breaks.


Stylish design

Good arch support


Wide toe box

Excellent shock absorption

Responsive cushioning


Not enough stability

Best Walking Shoes Overall

On Cloud 5

Best Walking Shoes Overall

A superb walking shoe with a barely there feel and lightweight, the On Cloud 5 is ideal for all-day wear. It is the lightest shoe tested, weighing only 6.9 ounces, and offers excellent support over short and long distances. This shoe tackles different terrains with stability and arch support without adding bulk.


The Cloud 5 delivers stability with a modest 2.5mm heel drop and a firm insole. It is an excellent choice for anyone with balance concerns or those looking for quick and secure mobility across various terrains. The heel counter also obtained a moderate stiffness grade, guaranteeing a snug fit without irritating the skin. The lightweight reflective strips on the breathable mesh upper also give a fashionable safety element for nighttime strolls.


The On Cloud 5 is an exceptional walking shoe with stability, superb support, and a lightweight feel. Its cutting-edge design and commitment to comfort distinguish it from the competition. Despite a few minor issues with fit and the speed-lacing method, the Cloud 5 is still a fantastic option for individuals looking for a high-performance shoe for hiking excursions.


Stylish and sleek aesthetics

Unbelievably lightweight

Responsive cushioning

Great flexibility

Good breathability

Lightweight design



Outsole catches pebbles

Best Lightweight Walking Shoes

Allbirds Wool Runners

Best Lightweight Walking Shoes

The Mizzles from Allbirds provide a choice in eco-friendly footwear by fusing the well-liked characteristics of the company’s wool runners with cutting-edge water-repellent technology. These shoes offer maximum comfort and support for your feet thanks to their soft, breathable Merino wool interior and adaptable sugarcane foam outsole. With the addition of Puddle Guard, the fabric upper’s water-repellent treatment, your feet will keep dry and warm even in wettish conditions.


The Mizzles keep you ready whether you run errands or visit tourist attractions. You can maintain your footing and confidence on various surfaces thanks to the outstanding traction of the non-slip natural rubber treads. With these shoes, you can get around town without being concerned about the weather or having your plans derailed by downpours. The Mizzles offers a reliable and cozy alternative for individuals looking for practical footwear.


In addition to the classic low-top style, Allbirds also provides the Dasher, which is made exclusively for running, and the Runner-up Mizzles in a hip high-top style. People can select the ideal type for their interests and hobbies because of the variety. Overall, the Mizzles are a standout combination of performance, sustainability, and style, making them an excellent purchase for anyone looking for a dependable and environmentally friendly pair of shoes.


Sustainable and eco-friendly materials

Soft and comfortable feel

Lightweight and breathable

Odor-resistant properties

Stylish and minimalist design


Limited color options

May not provide enough support 

Best Cushioned Walking Shoes

Hoka Bondi 7

Best Cushioned Walking Shoes

For people looking for the most cushioning possible in a walking shoe, the Hoka One One Bondi 7 is a fantastic option. The shoe received an ideal rating in the cushioning category thanks to its luxurious comfort and excellent shock absorption. It received top marks for lateral stability and support as well, making it the ideal option for walkers looking for a sturdy and stable shoe.

It was impressive to learn during testing that the Bondi felt lightweight, which is unusual for a shoe with such extensive cushioning and stability. The sturdy rubber outsole offered solid traction and guaranteed walking longevity and strength. Due to this characteristic, they are also suitable for core and flexibility workouts like standing on balance boards.

Due to its thick and wide sole, the Bondi 7 may be a different selection with the best aesthetics. Nevertheless, any lack of design is more than made up for by these shoes’ remarkable comfort and function. The shoes are highly recommended, especially for comfortable walking shoes. As runners prone to plantar fasciitis, the well-cushioned heel area and overall support of the Bondi 7 were immensely welcomed. Regardless of our distance, we felt that our feet were appropriately protected and supported.


Great lockdown

Next-level comfort

Excellent cushioning


Wide toe box

Suitable for long-distance 


Bulky design


Best Travel and Walking Shoe

KEEN WK400 Walking Shoes

Best Walking Shoes

The KEEN WK400 Walking Shoes are a dependable option for individuals looking for comfortable and adaptable footwear. These sneakers have intelligent features and high-quality construction that improve the walking experience.


The WK400’s outstanding comfort is one of its distinguishing features. The shoe offers plenty of support and cushioning, making walking comfortable even over long distances. The footbed is thickly cushioned and adapts to the form of the foot to provide a custom fit. Shock-absorbing technology is built into the shoe’s midsole, which lessens the impact and adds comfort to each step.


The WK400 excels in durability and adaptability in addition to comfort. High-quality, long-lasting materials were used to create the upper. The shoe’s outsole is made of durable rubber, which offers superior traction on various surfaces. Therefore, they are appropriate for urban settings and easy hiking treks. Additionally waterproof, the shoes keep your feet dry and safe in wettish weather.


The WK400 also has a sleek, contemporary look. Its modern silhouette and appealing color choices make it a versatile alternative for daily wear. Whether you’re strolling through the city or taking a leisurely stroll, these shoes will match well with your clothing.


Durable and rugged construction

Excellent traction for various terrains

Comfortable and supportive fit


Suitable for long walks 


Limited style and color options



For a relaxing and enjoyable walking experience, finding the ideal pair of walking shoes is crucial. Purchasing top-notch walking shoes improves both your walking pleasure and the health of your feet as a whole. Foot pain, blisters, and long-term issues can result from wearing improperly fitting or unsupportive shoes. That’s why we offered a thorough guide and suggested the top walking shoes available. Men’s, women’s, flat-footed, lightweight, cushioned, and all-around top-performing walking shoes were all alternatives we discussed.


Everybody has different feet and walking styles. Therefore, it’s crucial to select a pair that meets your requirements. With the help of our advice, you may walk with ease and confidence while remaining comfortable, knowing that you have the ideal pair of walking shoes.


The best walking shoes on the market today will help you take good care of your feet, put comfort first, and enjoy your walks.

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