Nike VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 Review 2024: Fastest Running Shoe


One of the most talked-about running shoes on the market right now is the Nike VAPORFLY NEXT% 3. It has attracted much attention because of its distinctive design and ground-breaking technology, which claims to make runners quicker and more effective.


What, therefore, is so unique about the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3? As a start, it has the newest Nike technology, which includes a carbon-fiber plate and ZoomX foam. This material combination is intended to maximize energy return, resulting in faster and more effective running.


The VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 isn’t just for top athletes, though. All runners, from casual to serious athletes, can benefit from it. The VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 might be the shoe that elevates your running, whether you’re preparing for your first 5K or striving to set a new personal best.

Unpacking the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3

It’s crucial to understand what you’re getting if you’re interested in the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3. The shoe’s design, manufacture, components, weight, size, and available colors are described below.


Design and Construction

The sleek, aerodynamic shape of the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 is optimized for speed. It has a bent heel to lessen stress on the Achilles tendon and a newly developed midsole to increase energy return. A lightweight, comfy, and breathable mesh material serves as the upper.


Materials Used

The materials used to construct the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 are among its most distinctive features. It has a midsole comprised of Nike’s ZoomX foam and a full-length carbon-fiber plate intended to return the most energy possible. The sturdy rubber used for the outsole offers exceptional traction and durability.


Weight and Size

A size 9 pair of the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 weighs only a little over 7 ounces. It comes in several sizes to accommodate runners of diverse shapes and sizes.


Color Options

A variety of hues, including black, white, blue, pink, and green, are offered for the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3. There is a choice that will undoubtedly fit your style, whether you want a traditional appearance or something more daring and vibrant.


The Science Behind the Shoe

The VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 is a multipurpose shoe. It demonstrates Nike’s dedication to cutting-edge technology and innovation. Here is a closer look at how the sneaker works scientifically:


Nike’s New Technology

Nike’s newest technology, including a full-length carbon-fiber plate and ZoomX foam, are featured in the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3. The carbon-fiber plate is made to give the foot a solid base, reducing energy loss and improving efficiency. The ZoomX foam has exceptional energy return and cushioning and is lightweight and responsive.


How It Works

The VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 is highly distinctive due to the carbon-fiber plate and ZoomX foam mix. By giving the foot a firm platform, the plate helps to decrease energy loss, while the foam offers good cushioning and energy return. The outcome is a shoe that allows runners to travel further and quicker while using less energy.


The Benefits for Runners

The VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 has many advantages. The shoe’s primary goal is to increase running efficiency, which can lead to quicker timings and less tiredness. The shoe also offers superior support and cushioning, which can lessen the chance of injury and boost general comfort.


The Controversy Around the Technology

Despite its apparent advantages, the technology behind the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 has generated some debate. Some detractors claim that the carbon-fiber plate gives runners an unfair edge, while others question the shoe’s long-term viability. Nevertheless, runners and athletes continue to favour the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3.

Testing the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3

Observing how the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 functions in practical situations is crucial if you want to comprehend it completely. Here are the findings from the field tests, how the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 stacks up against earlier iterations, user testimonials, and runner opinion as a whole:


Field Test Results

The VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 has received highly favourable feedback in field tests. Numerous runners have claimed notable gains in their pace and general running effectiveness. Even during lengthy runs, the shoe’s technology and design have been commended for their capacity to boost comfort and lessen tiredness.


Comparing to Previous Models

The most recent model of Nike’s well-liked VAPORFLY range of running shoes is the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3. The NEXT% 3 provides better energy return, traction, and more overall comfort than earlier models. Numerous runners say the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 is a major advancement over earlier models.


User Experiences

The VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 has generally received favourable user reviews. Numerous runners have remarked on how fast and responsive the shoe feels and how well-cushioned and supportive it is. According to some consumers, the shoe can feel a little snug, especially in the toe box area.


Consensus Among Runners

Overall, runners agree that the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 is an excellent pair of running shoes. Most users have claimed considerable gains in their times and general running experiences, despite some debate about the technology of the shoe and its potential benefits for elite runners. For runners of all abilities, the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 is a shoe that is worth serious consideration.

Who Should Buy the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3

A high-performance running shoe, the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 is made to help runners speed up their pace and increase their running efficiency. But who could want to buy this shoe? Here’s a closer look at the various running styles that the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 might suit:


Athletes That Run Well

The VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 is unquestionably something to consider if you’re a competitive runner searching for every advantage you can get on race day. The technology in the shoe is made to enable runners to travel further and quicker with less effort, which can be crucial in competitions.


Runners Who Run For Fun

The VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 is especially advantageous for casual runners seeking a premium, comfortable running shoe. Despite being made with competitive runners in mind, the shoe may offer outstanding support and cushioning for runners of all abilities.


Sportspeople with Specific Needs

For athletes with particular requirements, such as those who need extra cushioning or support owing to foot problems, the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 can be a useful option. The technology and design of the shoe can lower the chance of injury and boost general comfort.

Who Should Not Wear These Shoes

Although many runners love the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3, there might be better choices for everyone. The VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 may be too stiff or bulky for runners who prefer a minimalist shoe with a low heel-to-toe drop. Furthermore, runners with bigger feet could think the shoe is too tight. To achieve a correct fit and level of comfort, putting on and testing out shoes before buying them is crucial.

Pros and Cons of the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3


Advanced cushioning technology

Grippy on wet or dry surfaces

Softer ride than the Next% 2

Beneficial toe box

Great for fast runners

Superior energy return

Excellent grip and traction

Stable for a super shoe


Poor heel lockdown

Not for narrow feet

Shorter lifespan

Relatively expensive

Outsole collects debris

How It Compares to Other Running Shoes

The VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 is frequently rated as a top running shoe for runners concerned about performance. It provides better energy return, superb cushioning, and enhanced traction compared to many other running shoes. It’s crucial to remember that the shoe’s high cost and restricted fit may turn some runners off. It’s critical to consider your wants and preferences when contrasting the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 to other sneakers.

Maintenance and Care

Adherence to the recommended maintenance and care procedures is crucial to keep your VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 running shoes in top shape. Here are some pointers to assist you in maintaining the condition of your shoes:


How to Clean the Shoe

Remove any extra dirt or debris from the shoes with a soft-bristled brush.

Add a tiny amount of mild detergent to a sink or basin of cool water.

Brush the shoes carefully using a soft cloth or sponge dipped in soapy water.

Remove all soap residue from the shoes by thoroughly rinsing them in cool water.

To keep the shoes’ shape, stuff them with paper towels and allow them to air dry away from heat or sunshine.


Suitable Storage

Your VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 shoes should be kept in a cool, dry location away from heat sources and the sun.

Avoid putting the shoes in a sealed container like a plastic bag because this might retain moisture and cause bad odours.

To keep the shoes in form while being stored for a long time, think about packing them with newspaper or tissue paper.


How to Prolong the Lifespan of the Shoe

Revolve your footwear: You may extend the life of each pair of running shoes by switching between various pairs on a regular basis.

Don’t wear your sneakers for anything besides running: Your VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 sneakers may experience unnecessary wear and tear if you wear them for other activities like walking or hiking.

Replace scuffed footwear: Running shoes will eventually become worn out, even with good maintenance. To guarantee the best performance and support, you are generally advised to replace your shoes every 300–500 kilometres.


You can help ensure that your VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 shoes stay in fantastic shape for many more runs according to these upkeep and care instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VAPORFLY Next% worth it?

It depends on your running objectives and personal preferences. With a carbon fiber plate and Nike’s ZoomX foam technology, the VAPORFLY Next% is a high-performance running shoe that has been demonstrated to increase running economy and shorten race timings. However, they are also expensive and might not be ideal for each runner’s specific requirements.


Which is faster, Alphafly or Vaporfly?

According to Nike, a 4% improvement in running economy over the VAPORFLY Next makes the Alphafly the quickest running shoe they have ever created. The precise speed advantage, however, may change based on the runner and the particular race circumstances.


What is so special about the Nike Vaporfly?

The Nike VAPORFLY is recognized for its state-of-the-art technology, which includes a carbon fiber plate and ZoomX foam midsole. These features offer a combination of cushioning and energy return that has been demonstrated to increase running economy and reduce race timings. Elite athletes have used this technology to break records in marathons and other competitions.


Can the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 improve my performance?

Nike’s most recent technology is included in the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3, which is made to assist runners perform better by offering greater cushioning and energy return with each step. While individual outcomes may differ, many runners claim that using these shoes has significantly increased their speed and stamina.


How long will the shoe last?

The VAPORFLY NEXT% 3’s longevity is influenced by a number of variables, including how frequently you use them and how well you take care of them. The shoes should last several hundred miles of running with the right upkeep and care.


Can I use the shoe for other sports?

Although the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 is primarily intended for running, some users might find it useful for cross-training or indoor sports. It’s vital to keep in mind that the shoe is not intended for these activities and that wearing it for something else could result in premature wear and tear

Nike VAPORFLY Next% 2

The best-rated running shoe from Nike’s VAPORFLY line, intended to help runners realize their full potential, is the Nike VAPORFLY Next% 2. Due to its lightweight design and superb cushioning, this shoe is a favourite among serious runners. Nike’s renowned ZoomX foam is used in the VAPORFLY Next% 2’s high-tech midsole to provide a plush and responsive ride.


Long-distance runners will like the shoe’s lightweight mesh upper, which provides ventilation and comfort. The upper also has a modern appearance and a unique lacing mechanism, providing a snug and adjustable fit. The shoe’s outsole is comprised of a sturdy rubber substance that offers traction on several surfaces.


In conclusion, the VAPORFLY NEXT% 3 provides several significant advantages, including greater energy return, improved cushioning, and superior grip and traction. Although the shoe is reasonably priced, not all runners, especially those with specific foot shapes or running techniques, may find it comfortable.

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