Best Walking Shoes for Supination in 2023

Best Walking Shoes for Supination

The foot naturally supinates when weight is shifted from the heel to the forefoot during the gait cycle. However, excessive supination, often called under pronation, can result in an unequal weight distribution on the foot, resulting in several problems. Supination causes people to roll their feet outward, which puts too much pressure on the smaller toes and the outer borders of the feet. The discomfort, instability, and danger of problems like ankle sprains, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis that can come from this misalignment are significant.

Proper footwear is essential for regulating supination and reducing its detrimental effects on walking. The right walking shoes can offer the stability, cushioning, and support required to aid in good foot alignment, reduce shock, and distribute pressure evenly. People can ease pain, lower their chance of injury, and improve their walking experience by picking the best walking shoes for supination.


In the following sections, we will delve deeper into more detail about supination, go over the main characteristics to look for in walking shoes, offer advice on picking the best pair, and suggest some of the best products on the market. We will also go through exercises and methods for controlling supination and improving your walking form. Let’s explore this quest to discover the ideal walking shoes to support your supination and improve your comfort and gait.

Understanding Supination

Definition and Causes of Supination

The natural motion of the foot during the gait cycle is called supination. It involves the foot rolling outward, particularly the forefoot and heel. Weight distribution and shock absorption are both aided by this motion. However, excessive or unbalanced supination can result in several problems.

Supination can arise because of various reasons. These consist of:


High arches: Supination is more likely to occur in those with high arches. More significant pressure is placed on the outside margins of the feet due to the taller angles’ reduced weight-bearing surface area.


Structural abnormalities: Supination can be brought on by structural anomalies, such as differences in leg length or an uneven distribution of muscular strength.


Inadequate footwear: Shoes that don’t provide enough support and cushioning can worsen supination. More arch support or shoes with worn-out soles can contribute to the issue.

Common Symptoms Experienced By Individuals with Supination

Supination can show up as a variety of symptoms, such as:


Foot and ankle pain: Supination sufferers frequently report pain along the outside of their feet and ankles. Physical exertion or extended standing or walking periods may worsen this access.


Ankle instability: Prolonged supination might make the ankle less stable. Ankle sprains and other injuries are more likely to occur due to this instability.


Uneven shoe wear: Supinators often have their shoes’ outer edges worn out before the rest of the sole. This asymmetrical wear pattern is a typical supination sign.

How Supination Affects Walking Mechanics

The mechanics of walking are strongly impacted by supination. The foot rolls abnormally outward during the gait cycle, failing to absorb and distribute the impact forces adequately. This may lead to the following:


Insufficient shock absorption: Supination decreases the foot’s capacity to absorb shock effectively. Due to this transmission of impact forces to the leg, knee, and lower back during walking, discomfort and overuse problems may result.


Altered gait pattern: Supinators frequently walk with a changed gait pattern that includes a shorter stride, less pronation, and more pressure on the outside of the foot. This irregular stride might cause muscular imbalances and reduce walking efficiency overall.


Wearing walking shoes to handle these problems is essential because supination impacts walking mechanics. We’ll review the significant factors to consider when selecting walking shoes for supination in the next part so you can make an informed choice for the best foot support and comfort.

Key Features of Walking Shoes for Supination

Cushioning and Shock Absorption

Importance of Adequate Cushioning For Supinators

Supinators must wear walking shoes with adequate cushioning to help absorb the impact forces created after each stride. Supination reduces the foot’s natural ability to absorb shock. Therefore, enough cushioning is necessary to limit the pain and the chance of injury. The impact on joints and muscles is lessened when there is enough cushioning between the foot and the ground.

Types of Cushioning Materials to Look For In Shoes

Selecting walking shoes for supination requires looking for styles with cutting-edge cushioning technology. To think about for common cushioning materials are:


EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam: EVA foam is lightweight with excellent shock absorption. It ensures a cushioned walking experience by giving off a cozy and responsive feeling.


Air or gel cushioning: Some shoes come equipped with air or gel cushioning pockets in the midsole, improving shock absorption and offering a plush, responsive ride.


Memory foam: Memory foam conforms to the contours of your foot to offer support and cushioning that is uniquely yours. It facilitates pressure distribution and lessens discomfort brought on by supination.

Arch support and stability

Explaining the Role of Arch Support in Correcting Supination

Proper arch support is essential for individuals with supination. Look for walking shoes that provide enough arch support to realign the foot and encourage a more neutral gait. Support for the arch facilitates more even weight distribution over the foot and lessens excessive outward rolling. It can assist in correct supination and ease related discomfort by offering the proper support.

Features To Consider For Optimal Stability

For people who supinate, stability is essential to balance out the foot’s propensity to roll outward. When choosing walking shoes, keep the following qualities in mind:


Firm midsole: Stability and motion control are improved by a firm midsole. Look for footwear with a stabilizing, compression-resistant midsole.


Heel counter: The back of the shoe that encircles the heel is known as the heel counter. Choose footwear with a solid heel counter that provides stability and curbs excessive movement.


Wide base: Shoes with a wider base give the foot a more secure foundation. This lessens the chance of ankle instability and aids in improving balance.

Lightweight and Flexible Design

Why Lightweight Shoes are Beneficial for Supinators?

Supinators benefit from lightweight walking shoes since they reduce the overall stress on their feet. They make movement more accessible and practical, lessening tiredness and pain during long treks. Lighter footwear can also improve agility and make walking feel more natural.

The Importance of Flexibility for Natural Foot Movement

Search for walking shoes with a flexible design if you pronate. Shoes that promote natural foot mobility can accommodate the rolling action of the foot and avoid constraints. Supinators should pay special attention to their forefoot flexibility, which helps them walk more smoothly and comfortably.


You can considerably enhance your supinator walking experience by prioritizing cushioning, arch support, stability, lightweight construction, and flexibility in your choice of walking shoes. We will discuss helpful advice for selecting walking shoes designed to alleviate supination in the section after this one.

Factors to Consider When Shopping For Walking Shoes

When shopping for walking shoes to address supination, consider the following factors:


Shoe type: Walking shoes vs. Running shoes

Even though they are made particularly for walking, some running shoes can offer the support required for supination. However, keep in mind that because of the high impact of running, running shoes frequently contain unique characteristics and cushioning. If you spend most of your time walking, choose shoes that provide the ideal balance of support, cushioning, and flexibility.


Materials and Breathability

Pick breathable walking shoes made of mesh or other synthetic materials. During walks, breathable shoes help maintain optimum ventilation, keeping your feet cool and cozy. Additionally, think about shoes with moisture-wicking capabilities to regulate sweat and minimize odor.


Durability and Traction

Choose walking shoes with sturdy outsoles that offer superior traction. This is especially crucial if you frequently walk on varied terrains or in various weather situations. A solid outsole will guarantee stability and traction, lowering the possibility of slips and falls.


You may choose the ideal walking shoes for supination by considering reliable brands, ensuring they fit correctly, and weighing aspects like shoe type, materials, breathability, durability, and traction. 

Our Top 7 Picks for Best Walking Shoes for Supination

Best Overall Walking Shoes for Supination


The Brooks Launch 9 is an outstanding walking shoe that provides excellent value for the money. It is the most fabulous all-around walking shoe because it combines impressive features with cost, making it a top pick for walkers of all abilities. One of its distinguishing features is the use of BioMoGo foam in the midsole, which makes it an environmentally friendly choice that degrades 50 times more quickly than conventional foams. This environmentally friendly design is undoubtedly a strong argument for Launch 9.


The BioMoGo foam helps the shoe’s overall performance and is environmentally beneficial. Each step feels effortless and responsive because of how light it is and how well it recovers energy. The Launch 9 was made with speed in mind and has blown rubber on the forefoot for quick push-offs and increased walking speed. A fluid and effective stride is made possible by the Midfoot Transition Zone, a specially formed rubber piece on the outsole that makes it easier to transition from the heel to the toe.


Another area where the Brooks Launch 9 excels is in comfort. The shoe’s air mesh covering provides outstanding breathability in addition to conforming to the foot. This guarantees that your feet will stay relaxed and comfortable throughout lengthy walks or hot weather, minimizing discomfort or excessive sweating. The Brooks Launch 9 is an excellent alternative for walkers looking for a cozy, responsive, and affordable option.


Lightweight and agile design

Smooth transitions

Comfy ride for long miles

Blown rubber in the forefoot

Durable outsole

Responsive cushioning


Limited stability

Pricier than before

Most Cushioned Walking Shoes for Supination


The Hoka One One Bondi 8 is the most cushioned sneaker for those seeking maximal cushioning. The Bondi 8 stands out for its thorough approach to comfort provision. It involves more than just adding your foot soles. The shoe features plushness from the ankle collar to the tongue to ensure a pleasant fit.


The memory foam ankle collar fits snugly around your heel without slipping or inflicting any discomfort. The padded tongue also lessens strain from the laces on the foot’s bridge, improving comfort. With its generous cushioning, the shoe’s EVA foam midsole effectively dampens vibrations when under pronators contact the ground. Its plush padding offers a modest bounce, giving your step extra spring.


The midsole features an early-stage meta-rocker to improve the shoe’s bounce further. This characteristic makes it easier and quicker to transition from the heel to the toe when combined with the beveled heel. Those with average-width feet will probably find the Bondi 8 comfortable for their toes. However, people with wider feet can feel the shoe is slightly narrow in the forefoot region. Furthermore, getting used to the thick cushioning under your feet might take a few walks.


A touch springy

Superior cushioning

Meta-rocker in the midsole

Feels stable

Beveled heel


Tight midfoot

Narrow toebox

Best Walking Shoes for Orthotics


Best Walking Shoes for Orthotics - SAUCONY ECHELON 8

If you want a shoe supporting custom orthotics, the Saucony Echelon 8 is a great option. This shoe ideally fits people who need extra support, thanks to its naturally wide and deep foot chamber and toe box. It is advised for people dependent on their orthotics and is made specifically for supinators. The Saucony Echelon 8 has a neutral design and provides a comprehensive and firm foundation, effectively encouraging perfect foot alignment and reducing rolling. Additionally, the shoe’s insole can be removed to provide room for individualized orthotics, ensuring the utmost comfort and functionality.


The Echelon 8 is distinguished by its 3D Support Frame, which offers firm heel support and significantly reduces the danger of supination. The PWRRUN cushion in the midsole, which also provides excellent responsiveness, makes it the perfect option for short-distance running and walking. The Saucony Echelon 8 does not fall short when it comes to traction. The TRI-FLEX rubber outsole provides dependable traction on various surfaces, promoting stability and self-assurance with each step. However, some users could find the shoe a little thicker due to its larger form.


For those looking for a shoe that accepts custom orthotics, the Saucony Echelon 8 is a good choice. It is adaptable for customized orthotics because of its broad and strong base and the option to remove the installed insole. It meets the needs of both runners and walkers thanks to its supportive heel, responsive cushioning, and stable traction. Although it could seem a little hefty, its overall performance and utility make it a worthwhile purchase for people who need orthotic-friendly footwear.


Roomy toe box

TRI-FLEX rubber outsole

Bouncy with good energy return

Excellent support

Secure fit



Limited flexibility

Heavier weight

Most Comfortable Walking Shoes for Supination


The ASICS Gel-Nimbus 23 is an incredibly plush pair of running shoes with outstanding cushioning. These shoes offer a soft and comfy feel thanks to their cutting-edge Flytefoam cushioning technology. A balanced and supportive ride is provided by the harder Flytefoam Propel in the rearfoot and softer Flytefoam in the forefoot. The Gel-Nimbus 23 features gel pods in both the forefoot and the rearfoot, in addition to Flytefoam cushioning. The improved shock absorption these gel pods provide lessens the force each step has on your feet and joints. With these thoughtfully created cushioning characteristics, you can anticipate a comfortable and seamless running experience.


ASICS designed the Gel-Nimbus 23 with gender-specific requirements in mind. With an additional 3 mm of padding in the women’s version, the shoe offers better support and padding. The mesh uppers of the shoe are also strategically supportive and flexible to suit natural foot movements. While retaining stability, the elastic midfoot panel allows for flexibility.


The Gel-Nimbus 23 features the Guidance Trusstic System to increase stability and decrease supination. This technology has a gender-specific midfoot TPU support piece underneath the sole that successfully minimizes foot twisting and encourages a more stable running gait.


Additionally, the Gel-Nimbus 23 has foam pillars in the forefoot that are gender-specific and compress to provide customized cushioning where it is most needed. Remember that some people can find these sneakers a little heavier than others. 


Excellent support and stability

Really comfortable

Great lockdown

Guidance Trusstic System

Durable outsole

Wide feet friendly



Lacks breathability

Best Supination Shoes for Wide Feet


The New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11 is a fantastic option for anyone with wide feet and supination difficulties. Every wearer will experience a comfortable fit because these shoes are made to accommodate different foot widths. In addition to being supportive, the one-piece jacquard mesh upper is flexible enough to accommodate a range of foot sizes. Due to its seamless design, it also reduces the chance of chafing. The Fresh Foam 880v11 is distinguished by its molded external heel counter, which effectively holds the foot in position, offers stability, and prevents rolling outward. The heel of the shoe is secure and stable, which lowers the risk of injury.


Two layers of foam make up the Fresh Foam 880v11’s midsole. The Fresh Foam layer has a soft, cozy feel, enhancing user comfort. The EVA foam layer complements this by giving each step some springiness. This combination produces a midsole that is medium soft and provides good support, especially for people with supination issues. The shoe features a blown rubber outsole to provide traction. This multilayer rubber design’s outstanding grip ensures stable footing on various terrain. The outsole’s traction aids in a secure stride whether you’re walking or participating in athletic activities.


To sum up, the New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11 is a superb option for people with wide feet and supination inclinations. These shoes provide the qualities to stay comfortable and stable throughout the day thanks to their accommodating top, safe heel support, cozy midsole, and solid traction.


Responsive cushioning

Breathable and lightweight

Very comfortable

Secure foot lockdown

No adaptation period

Spacious toe box


Inconsistent sizing

Not for warm weather

Best Lightweight Supination Shoes for Supination


Best Lightweight Supination Shoes for Supination - MIZUNO WAVE RIDER 26

The Mizuno Wave Rider 26 is an incredibly light sneaker that makes your feet feel barefoot. It is one of the most lightweight alternatives on the market, weighing only 9.5 ounces for men and a little over 8 ounces for women. Despite being incredibly light, this sneaker doesn’t skimp on usefulness or technology.


The famed Mizuno Wave Plate is one of the Wave Rider’s most distinctive characteristics. Each step has a pleasant spring thanks to the curved plastic plate that runs from the heel to the forefoot. It efficiently reduces shock and targets under pronators in conjunction with the dual-layered midsole. A dual cushion made from lightweight U4ic foam and Mizuno Enerzy foam is exceedingly light and incredibly responsive. With the X10 carbon rubber in the heel, the Wave Rider provides additional advantages for heel strikers. This characteristic improves shock absorption and offers superior traction. Blowing rubber creates a soft yet firm push-off in the forefoot, resulting in a stride that is easy and pleasant.


Flex Controllers, an intriguing and practical design element, are included in the Mizuno Wave Rider 26’s outsole. These controllers, which resemble tiny wave plates, integrate with the shoe’s flex grooves to improve control and enable a wide range of organic movements. It’s crucial to remember that this shoe’s design is geared mainly toward heel strikers rather than forefoot strikers. The shift may feel less comfortable for people who land on their mid- or forefoot. The Mizuno Wave Rider 26 is an excellent option for anybody looking for a lightweight sneaker with cutting-edge technology. 


Excellent durability

Great traction on most surfaces

Good lockdown

Thermal plastic wave plate



Limited arch support

Top Energy Return Supination Shoe


Top Energy Return Supination Shoe - SAUCONY TRIUMPH 19

A fantastic sneaker that combines comfort and performance is the Saucony Triumph 19. This shoe is an excellent option for individuals wanting speed and stability. It offers outstanding energy return and encourages a fluid heel-to-toe transition thanks to its springy PWRRUN+ midsole foam and slightly rocker-shaped sole.


The Saucony Triumph 19’s soft foam cushioning, which efficiently absorbs stress and lessens the impact on your feet, is one of its noteworthy characteristics. With each step, this cushioning not only makes the sneaker more comfortable overall but also feels opulent. Additionally, the sole’s mild rocker structure facilitates a more fluid and natural stride.


For those who prefer a gentler slope, the 8 mm heel drop offers a secure and balanced platform for jogging or walking. Additionally, Saucony’s renowned large toe box allows for natural splay, resulting in a snug and comfortable fit.


The Saucony Triumph 19 provides a superb balance of support, comfort, and cushioning. Runners and walkers will find its energy-returning midsole, rocker-shaped sole, and spacious toe box enticing. Despite minor worries about weight and bulk, this shoe’s functionality and characteristics make it a good choice for people looking for a trustworthy and comfy footwear companion.


Plush cushioning

Blown rubber outsole


Soft ride

Losing weight



Heavy or bulky

Tips for Managing Supination through Walking Techniques

Introduction to Proper Walking Techniques

Supinated people can improve their gait and reduce discomfort by using suitable walking strategies. Think about the following advice:


Posture: Walking with a straight back, shoulders back, and a good posture is essential. Moving forward or backward should be avoided because it can reduce your natural gait.


Footstrike: When walking, try to strike with your forefoot or midfoot. Avoid contacting the ground with your heel first to reduce the rolling motion associated with supination.


Stride length: Take natural, comfortable steps that are neither short nor long. Overstriding can change the way you walk and make injuries more likely.


Arm swing: Using a swinging motion that is as natural as possible, move your arms forward and backward in time with your stride. Walking is made more accessible by being able to balance and move forward.

Exercises and Stretches to Improve Foot and Ankle Strength

Supinators can benefit from stretches and exercises that increase the stability and flexibility of their feet and ankles. Include the following exercises in your routine:


Calf raises:

Place your heels off the edge of a step and elevate your calves.

Get up onto your toes gradually, then slowly come back down.

Repeat this process numerous times to build up your calf muscles.


Toe curls: Place a little towel on the floor before you while sitting in a chair. Grab the towel with your toes, scrunch it, and then let go. To make your foot muscles stronger, repeat multiple times.


Ankle circles:

Sit in a chair and elevate one foot off the floor to perform ankle circles.

Repeat rotating your ankle anticlockwise after a few rotations clockwise.

Use both ankles for this workout.


Plantar fascia stretch:

Stand facing a wall and place your hands on the wall for support as you perform a stretch.

Bend the front knee and step back with one foot, keeping the heel on the ground. Your foot’s arch ought to feel stretched.


Repeat on the opposite side after holding for 30 seconds.


In conclusion, supination can impair your gait mechanics, cause pain, and even put you at risk for injury. However, you can lessen the consequences of supination and have a more comfortable and practical walking experience by picking the appropriate shoes that offer suitable cushioning, arch support, stability, lightweight design, and flexibility.


Prioritize acquiring the proper fit by measuring your foot size and trying on shoes before purchasing. Reputable brands that are known for their supination-friendly footwear should also be taken into consideration. In addition, elements like shoe type, materials, breathability, durability, and traction need to be considered.


Now, lace up your supportive walking shoes, embrace the benefits of optimized walking, and enjoy the journey to better foot health and walking satisfaction. Happy walking!

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